Business Intelligence Strategy

Business Intelligence (BI) applications are a vital component of corporate management. But only sometimes the requirements for a comprehensive BI strategy are fulfilled. Analytics solutions are often based on demands of different departments. These taken into consideration by your IT and are built up based on tactical decisions. Since this development is usually not tuned to each other, it can lead to a unclear, heterogeneous and therefore very ineffective system and application landscape. The potential of analytics cannot be exhausted this way.

Besides, the variety in isolated applications leads to loss in data quality from which faulty reports, inconsistent results and, in the end, massive problems arise, resulting in low acceptance of BI. Nevertheless, at the same time the complexity of the information and processes rises in many branches. Therefore, international large-scale enterprises as well as small and medium-sized companies need a working BI to remain controllable and competitive.

Among the rest, a Bi strategy answers questions like

Which enterprise data should be used as information for different operational, tactical and strategical decisions for corporate management?