Data integration / ETL

Operational corporate data which is processed,  in ERP-, contract, accountancy or legacy systems for example, serves exclusively control and supervision of operational business. Modern BI systems are set on integrated, multidimensional data banks to receive economically interpretable data. Besides, data from operational data is transformed by ETL processes in a Data Warehouse and are transferred afterwards. In the ETL process the original data is extracted from different sources first, transformed into the target format and last loaded in the target database.. With this process of harmonization and consolidation of your data you’ll profit from both longtime BI expertise of AIC Group as well as professionalism of high quality software, i.e. realized by Talend software.

From heterogeneous data sources to homogeneous dispositive structures

By optimization of Data Warehouse landscapes we care for dependable data. Based on your specifications we put up default pattern und quality standards to provide your data. Highest quality concerning the ETL process is our credo: We provide for a profound data revision and create a clear semantic and ID assignment for transformation of your data for the future Data Warehouse. Your data is stored in the finest resolution, so that every product movement, every sale and every single voucher / contract is modellable in a multidimensional way. An adaptable and persistent data care and management at the same time is always guaranteed.