Data structuring for multidimensional analysis

Enterprises must master a rising flood of data containing ever growing, varying information about customers, products and corporate processes. Simultaneous care and processing of data in different IT systems causes high expenditure of time and is little efficient. Many enterprises use a Data Warehouse to differentiate and file data and information in a structured manner. Large amounts of data can be collected and evaluated by Business Intelligence, without data losing quality or consistency. Thus Data Warehousing supports management in strategical decisions concerning small up to Big Data as an analytic Bi instrument.

Data quality

Primary condition for a good Data Warehouse is data quality. Qualitatively insufficient data can affect corporate and operational decisions and cause a loss in trust and image. A database might be sufficient for certain requirements, but insufficient for others. By automated functions like monitoring, data revision and actualization in creation and filling of the Data Warehouse, AIC Group maintains protects data for different demands. Within this clean data flow process relevant and interpretable data is available to you in the Data Warehouse at all times. Methodical course of action for data interpretation such as Slowly Changing Dimensions Type 1 to Type 3 is our standard. By support of many tools we achieve products of great value.