Structured enterprise data for multi-layered data analysis

Enterprises use reports and analyses as a modern instrument of their BI landscape for control of daily business and for strategical management decisions. We realize high-quality report and analyses in proven and modern formats for you by your corporate standards. All enterprise information, revenue, key figures and item distribution is processed on a real-time basis from the Data Warehouse in a structured manner and is made available most different devices.

Multidimensional enterprise overviews through interactive reports

If required, we integrate reports into existing web solutions. The adaptable and quick access to data aids you in efficient and target-oriented analysis of your information. Reports put into graphical or textual frontends are able to show multidimensional enterprise overviews, interactive scorecards and dashboard in one glimpse. Drilling-down technology of our interactive OLAP reports allow a multi-layered evaluation of the reports into finest granularity.

Operational and strategical report for enterprise decision-makers

In OLAP applications combinations of beforehand defined dimension-elements like month or product category are fixated within the database. These can be retrieved simply by mouse click. Professional users of distribution, marketing, sales or controlling can generate endless new oprational and strategical reports without programming and deeper IT- or SQL knowledge. All departments can access reports which are based on the same consistent corporate key figures.