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What exactly does the AIC Group do?

AIC Group is a software supplier for omnichannel campaign management and consulting house for Business Intelligence surroundings.

What does AIC stand for?

AIC stands for Active information Concept.

Since when does AIC Group exist?

AIC Group was founded in 1999.

Where is AIC Group headquartered?

AIC Group’s head office is located in the old hanseatic town Luneburg.

What is the main field of expertise of AIC Group?

AIC Group’s knowledge is much diversified in classical economic consulting, software development, as well as also in project management. Additionally, AIC Group has expertise in project realization, training and support.

Do you have campaign management software as well?

Yes, AIC Group has its own campaign management software named ai.suite®. It has successfully been in use for many years in many leading industries.

With other software AIC Group use?

AIC Group uses MicroStrategy®'s BI-Software as well.

Does work AIC Group together other partners? If so, with which?

Yes, AIC Group has been collaborating with many well-known partners for years, for example one of the biggest lettershop suppliers of Germany, Optivo GmbH. Other partnerships can be found here.

Where do I find even more information about AIC Group?

You can follow us at several social networks, i.e. Facebook or Twitter, and find out the newest information about us. Simply look at the homepage under "follow us on..." in our footer.


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