With clear objectives we are in the position to provide modern, customer and goal-oriented services and high performance products for our customers. We strive to maintain long-lasting relationships with our customers, based on mutual trust, whereby the business success of our customers is always our main focus. With individual and innovative solutions, highly qualified and result-oriented employees and selected partnerships, we are able to generate added value for our customers’ businesses, with which they can implement their business processes effectively, profitably and sustainably.


Our services

Our extensive range of products and services enable us to offer innovative and high quality solutions to our customers, tailored exactly to their needs at a great price performance ratio. We believe that adherence to schedules (“in time”), customized (“in scope”) and results-oriented (“in budget”) services are a basic requirement for a successful relationship with our customers, as many satisfied customers and successful projects have confirmed.


Our employees

All the employees of AIC Group are both experienced and highly qualified. They give assistance to customers in all phases of the IT Project Lifecycle and skills are able to ensure that comprehensive advice and support is given to the customers due to their problem solving and integration expertise. Their field of expertise doesn’t only include traditional business consulting but project management, project implementation, training and customer support as well.


Our management

We maintain a cooperative, partnership-based management style, which is based on mutual trust and open communication. A sense of responsibility and goal-orientation are the key to our company’s success, which our management encourages and practices itself. We expect each individual employee to identify with the company’s objectives, practice entrepreneurial thinking and behavior as well the will to embrace change. We give our employees the greatest possible freedom along with a high degree of responsibility.


Our growth

Since the founding our company, AIC Group has maintained an annual growth rate far above the industry average. Significant factors for this above-average growth rate is the expansion of its customer base, the successful development of long term customer relationships and the increase in service efficiency at product and service levels. This long term growth rate can only be sustained through consistent product development, further recruitment of highly qualified staff and continuous training and education of our employees.