Thanks to our strategic partnerships we are able to continuously provide our customers with latest solutions and interfaces. Whether its concerning email marketing, geo-based data acquisition and visualization or database management systems: Our partners guarantee highest quality, integrity and competence in order to provide our customers with the best possible Business Intelligence solutions and CRM services. Our partners are leading providers of Business Intelligence systems, information systems and system integrators.

Our partners are:

Logo Exasol


EXASOL AG is a German software company and provides a high speed, high performance database in the B2B area for business intelligence applications. The database EXASolution has been specially developed for analytical use.

Logo Ingenico

Ingenico Group

Ingenico Marketing Solutions leads the German market for loyalty systems and is part of Ingenico Payment Services, one of the world’s leading providers of payment transaction solutions. Card-based customer-loyalty and gift-voucher solutions are offered from a single source, with payment and credit card functions if desired.

Logo Microstrategy


MicroStrategy ® is a leading, worldwide provider of business intelligence technology. They provide integrated reporting, analysis and monitoring software, with which companies can analyse their databases and make decisions.

Logo episerver


episerver (formerly optivo®) is one of the European market leaders in professional and innovative email marketing. Established in 2001, episerver guarantees high performance in direct marketing by email and, as a multichannel service provider, by fax and text messaging.

Logo Prudsys


With the Realtime Decisioning Engine (RDE), prudsys offers a system for real-time personalisation, with around 670 million personalised recommendations worldwide every day. Real-time personalisation is used to recommend the next best offer or to recommend the next best activity.

Logo Talend


Talend is one of the largest providers of data management solutions and application integration. Apart from their own open source software, they also provide a wide range of middleware solutions.

Logo Uniserv


Uniserv is an international provider of excellent data quality solutions. They provide a wide range of the most important data quality functions. The customer data quality process in large databases is a particular area of focus.

How can we create business models together, which both your customers and our customers will benefit? If you work in customer management, aCRM or business intelligence and have an interesting business idea then we should definitely get together.

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