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Our Content Creation Suite

In the area of content creation, we offer you a solution with which you can easily and independently create professional templates for communication channels such as e-mail, WhatsApp, etc.

Asset Management

Goal: Import, storage and management of required content (e.g. images). more…


Goal: Creation, structuring & enrichment of channel-specific templates.​ more

Preview & Test

Goal: Channel specific validation & test of created templates. more…

More Features

Goal: Personalization, individualization & tracking of all templates. more..


The eyes

we always keep open.

In the area of content creation, we offer you a solution with which you can easily and independently create professional templates for communication channels such as e-mail, WhatsApp, etc.

The AIC Group’s Content Creation Suite (CCS) includes basic functionalities necessary for the creation and validation of channel-specific templates. On the one hand, an integrated asset management, with which you can upload, store and manage the content required for templates (e.g. images). On the other hand, editors to prepare and structure them for different channels. Furthermore, depending on the respective channel, there are also various preview and test functionalities.

With the Content Creation Suite you can give free rein to your creativity. Avoid unnecessary effort when creating and managing templates. Use the existing integration with the marketing automation platform aisuite to integrate offers dynamically and customer-specifically into your templates and personalize them using so-called field functions.

Content Creation – flexible and dynamic design of marketing content.

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Content Creation


Our focal points.

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Translations: Suchfunktion = Search function, Testversand = Test shipment, Personalisierung = Personalization, Individualisierung = Individualization

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Asset Management – Content Creation

Asset Management.

The number of available channels through which customers can and want to be addressed is increasing all the time. Each channel offers different possibilities for the integration and structuring of textual or visual content, so-called assets. In practice, these are often created by various agencies, used by several teams, then stored decentrally and forgotten. To avoid this and to increase the efficiency of its marketing experts, the AIC Group offers a corresponding solution, the Content Creation Suite.

With the help of the Content Creation Suite’s integrated asset management, you can maintain and manage all your assets (e.g. images) in one central location. In addition to the upload of assets already stored in directory structures, the module offers corresponding interfaces for the import of assets from social networks or product information systems (PIM).

All assets can then be searched and enriched with further information using the context-based search function of the Content Creation Suite.

Translations: Schnittstellen = Interfaces, Suche & Info = Search & Info

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However, the AIC Group’s Content Creation Suite not only offers the possibility of storing and managing assets centrally. With the help of the various editors of the Content Creation Suite, you can also structure and enrich them in the form of templates.

Each editor is used to create templates for a specific channel. The marketing experts can use ready-made layouts and content blocks to implement common design ideas quickly and easily. But more specific requirements can also be easily implemented using the existing settings options and even saved as templates for reuse and made available to other users.

With the help of the existing editors, classic channels such as e-mail or WhatsApp and, in due course, other channels such as Facebook Messenger or Telegram can be served. In this way, you can create all templates via one system and use them with the Marketing Automation Platform aisuite in the context of corresponding campaigns.

Free PDF of TwoPager for download. 

(available only in German at this time)

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Preview & Test – Content Creation

Preview & Test.

Every device, whether desktop, smartphone or tablet, displays the templates you create differently. In order to avoid possible display errors, the AIC Group’s Content Creation Suite offers a corresponding preview function. In addition to the most common mobile devices, you can also view the presentation of your templates in the most important e-mail clients, such as Outlook or Gmail. Furthermore, there is also the possibility to store and test additional, user-defined screen resolutions.

But not only the presentation of the templates is crucial for successful email campaigns. It is also important that content can be loaded quickly and that all embedded links work. The AIC Group’s Content Creation Suite therefore also offers a corresponding test function, with the help of which you can validate how quickly your templates can be loaded – depending on the data connection – and which links may be outdated or faulty. And of course, a test dispatch is also possible.

Translations: Vorschau = Preview, Validierung = Validation, Testversand = Test shipment

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Weitere-Features – Content Creation

More Features.

Do you want to make the dialogue with your customers as personal as possible and not just limit yourself to personalising the salutation? The AIC Group’s Content Creation Suite not only offers extensive editing and testing functionalities, but also the possibility of customer-specific and fully automated control of mailing content:


… the salutation (z.B. „Hallo {}…“)
… of information (z.B. „Your loyalty account includes {customer.loyalty points}…“)
… of embedded links (z.B. {} )


… of layouts (z.B. depending on the preferred end device)
… of content blocks (z.B. gendered headers)
… of offers (z.B. depending on customer status)

However, not only the content of mailings can be controlled customer-specifically, but also their dispatch time. With the help of the integrated dispatch time optimization, it is possible to determine the optimal time of address for each customer. In this way, every customer can be contacted at the time that best suits his current information and purchasing behaviour.

Furthermore, links can be enriched with tracking/UTM parameters (e.g. for Google Analytics) and all user interactions (e.g. openings, clicks) can be tracked via the integrated tracking.

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Preview & Test – Content Creation

Your most important advantages.

Vorteile -Symbol der AIC Group -Benutzerakzeptanz

User acceptance

through clear & intuitive user interfaces

Vorteile -Symbol der AIC Group – Zeiteinsparung

Time saving

through reusable templates & content blocks

Vorteile -Symbol der AIC Group – Flexibilität


through diverse adjustment possibilities

Vorteile -Symbol der AIC Group – Vertrauen


through extensive preview and test functions

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