360° degree customer view

In the dialog marketing there are many components influencing success. This are communication channels, innovation readiness, campaign management, advertising means and communication strategies. All these fields devote themselves in marketing to the construction and extension of a long-term customer relationship!

Only the customer decides - consciously or unconsciously - which products, services and suppliers he prefers. Therefore the focus lies on the customer concerning dialog strategies, dialog decisions and dialog processes. In order to guarantee this service you need to have a very extensive look at your customers – a 360° view.

Establishment of a client base

All data known of the customer is the base for an extensive view of the customer. Customer information is collected in operational and dispositive systems and enriched. A main structure is built up to save and combine all client base data for all channels, organizational units and applications. This structure serves “corporate terminology” and is used on the one hand to serve the so-called “golden record” (reliable, correct, client base data of consistent quality) and on the other hand to provide a 360 degree view of the customer.

Data consolidation for different data sources

We are living in a time where steadily new possibilities for communication with customers emerge from dialog marketing. Many of the new channels have already taken a significant role in the customer communication mix in enterprises. The more possibilities you give to your customer engage in dialog, the more detailed data is available. Different data sources generate different events with different relevance for your future decisions. We structure your data, provide for the correct collection, so that data becomes controllable and successfully usable for the marketing. Relevant data is consolidated, so that it becomes usable for your operational and strategical decisions.

Customer value of Customer Insights

Next to well-known master data and response information from marketing actions, reasonable data can be enriched in the client base. For these enrichments we offer interfaces for external data like address corrections and geographical information, but an internal generation of information is possible as well. With our methods for multivariate procedures “Customer Insights” become transparent and applicable. This new information aids in creating even more precise addressing of your customer. Spreading losses, incorrect advertising messages for a target group, can be reduced significantly.

With a 360° view of your customers the most important information about your customers becomes clear and for available for a lasting dialog. Thus improve this dialog continuously and goal-oriented.