Coupon management as customer loyalty measure

Coupons enable entering into dialog with your customer and to make it measurable. In dialog marketing, communication is defined by responsiveness of the individual customer. A good way to ease answering for the customer are the provided offers and messages. These are encrypted with a unique advertising key, resulting in allocation of a used or not used coupon to a campaign. Thus we able to portray a precise customer image since it is known which interest, reaction time, frequency, revenues and other aspects correspond to the customer. These insights are used for performance measurement and derivation for future measures.

Coupon code generation

Allocation of sent coupons to a customer is necessary to a measure responses. This is done by the response element. The response element is provided by Marketing Automation software ai.suite in greatest possible flexibility. The generation of the response element is realized with the help of a modular system. The composition of information of the response element can be managed by the software. For example, a GTIN code for cash registers can be defined from campaigns, costumer-IDs and check sums to an EAN code. The visual representation as a barcode, QR code or other forms is standardized due to capture possibilities of the touchpoint. The EAN code enable measurement of all components of the campaign, such as target group, action, offer, channel etc.

Online coupons

With AIC Group’s marketing automation, communication over available online channels can be easily controlled. It is not distinguished between online campaigns and offline campaigns using coupon generation, this way it is possible to be able to distribute the same offers over different channels. Send coupons via post-mailings, e-mail campaigns and newsletter. Supply connected apps and portals with coupon-based offers! Coupon processing occurs in a stringent way, so that a comparability over different channels is guaranteed regarding response measurement. Campaign- and channel-covering actions are possible and provide for transparent visualization in measurement of single actions with the same reports.