Customers Insights – Recognize needs of customers

Data exploration

By ever growing data, a huge number of relations it can lead to problems with data quality. The complexity of data complicates a manual review of single records. This is where data-exploration begins: Its job is to protect data quality and to recognize and identify make connections in data recognizable and visible. Structures and patterns can be verified and divergences target values identified in a short time. Intelligent tools of data-exploration help in examination and quality assurance.

By our tools we offer a multivariate interactive data-exploration. This opens up ways for an understanding of your customers, their needs and purchasing habits and therefore the possibility for an optimal target group choice. We analyze your master and transaction data and visualize customer and action potentials as well as product affinities. You can use these to optimize your sales strategies and the planning of campaigns. The analysis’ results provide important information for controlling and to the subsequent efficiency measurement of marketing measures.

Data Mining

Relevant data can be extracted with Data Mining from a large data base detached from fixed segmentations. AIC Group supports you in predictive as well as exploratory Data Mining and helps you to identify runaway values in your data and show correlations. We provide association analyses and modellings of decision trees for you. By linking the data – example: a customer group buys a special series of products in a certain timeframe – trends can be discovered and used for marketing and distribution.

Forecast models within the distribution management gain more and more attention. This concept of anticipatory data analysis is successfully being used especially in areas like telecommunications, trade, bank economy and the insurance industry. Our methods and tools of Data Mining imply Predictive-Analytics-solutions indicating relevant commercial information and with it trends of buying patterns of your customers or chances of possible marketing strategies. Thus you can forecast solutions for frequent questions: How can range and effectiveness be raised by marketing campaigns? In which customer segments will demand for certain products be especially high? Which strategies can influence future customer behavior? Thus you succeed in offering your products and services with foresight and oriented to the needs your customers.

Predictive Analytics

The tools of Predictive Analytics are laid out to analyze each of your customer relations and assign to a strategical communicative adjustment. This enables to you to interpret every customer relationship appropriately to its status and to continue customer dialog with suitable campaigns and measures. Therefore every single customer relationship can be raised to a higher level.

Thus you can convert drift-willing customers to occasional buyers. Occasional buyers to a stable stable customer relationship. Expand stable customer relations, recognize potentials and use additional sales by cross-Selling, add-on-Selling, or Up-Selling strategies – and, finally develop profitable to loyal customers.

Scores and clusters

Revenue made? Purchases made? Activities in touchpoints? Dwell time? Demographic data? There is a lot of information about the customer which can be relevant for calculation of customer value or the allocation to a customer cluster. We offer elaborate solutions, but are able to react to your individual demands as well!

What are customer values and customer clusters required for generally? A nice discipline in dialog marketing, where analytic knowledge and operational activities go hand in hand. Analyze which customers wandered within the defined clusters – which customers have converted from a stable and profitable customer relationship to an occasional buyers? Operationally, you appeal to these „turning away“-customers by reactivation strategies.

What sounds like a lot of work and intensive care, can by covered with marketing automation ai.suite of AIC Group routinely. Acknowledged: Communication strategies have to be developed and the campaign mix must be tuned accordingly. However, once the campaigns are fixed in the system, customer dialog is running in automation and is always up to date!