Data management and its policies and procedures

Doublet management

Part of a solid data management is the so-called doublet management. A well-working doublet management often is an underestimated, nevertheless given discipline in dialog marketing. A client base freed of doublets not only saves money in shipping but cares for less customer displeasure if he isn’t contacted with identical messages or offers. AIC Groups has a professional solution to offer which both deletes doublets and consolidates customer data. A functional doublet management is basis of a clean client base, itself being basis for campaign processes:

Data standardization

You have built up your client base and cared for to get into dialog with your customers? But addressing or address is not given consistently? With the services AIC Group your data will be standardized concerning capitalization or abbreviations. With data standardization both customer addressing and personalization information is standardized.

Address correction

For distribution of mailings the postal way is still an important contact channel. For a well-functioning dialog marketing it is vital for customer data to be up-to-date regarding validity. AIC Group uses Deutsche Post’s reliable services in this regard.

Standardized processes have been developed for Addressfactory and PremiumAdress which prepares the corrected addresses and automatically transmits these to your client base. Corrections for your client base are therefore quickly done without an effort.

Addressfactory allows to examine of your data stock at certain point in time, maybe beforehand a large postal mailing. PremiumAdress is not used only at a few point, but with every postal mailing. ai.suite’s campaign management provides the shipper with individual codes. This way, every return from Premiumadress data can be allocated to a customer and corresponding mailing. This gives you the advantage of address correction or marking of an address as undeliverable and thus a correct campaign reporting.



With the enrichment of geo-coordinates of your client base and distance calculations to stores or other relevant places, plenty uses are available in the operational and strategical-analytic field.

Find a relation between customer and store in your campaigns and influence therefore the next store visit! Give the address of your prime store to the customer if it is within his trading area. Advertise only those products the customer can get in his closest store. Keep your customers up-to-date regarding changes in your branch network, like new store openings, modernizations or stores closing.

Geographic visualization of customer addresses and distances helps you in your strategical decisions. You can see at one glimpse how many customers are assigned to single stores in regard to distance and how far the average trip to the store is – an important analytic support in deciding for opening new stores.