Setting-up and operating of Marketing Automation platform ai.suite®

We consult or provide your individually configured marketing automation platform for you. According to your demands we provide communication channels, campaign types and necessary procedures in your system in use. Taking into account your infrastructure we integrate customer databases, content management and shipping service provider. Whether you’d like to use the system on your own or our servers – you’ll receive all advantages of Marketing Automation Platform ai.suite.

Operations/Consulting of data management

Successful dialog marketing needs a stable foundation delivering the architecture of your operational and dispositive databases. It’s required to reproach generated data from the historical customer dialog and to optimize future marketing activities. AIC Group is your partner delivering dialog marketing expertise from many projects and years. We offer connections to the most different operational systems, like customer portals, cash register systems or social networks to continuously extend your data spectrum of customer dialog.

Operations/Consulting of Marketing Automation platform

You’d like to improve dialog with your customers, but lack the technical structures or skilled employees forces for the realization of your ideas? AIC Group has longtime experience in dialog marketing and can develop with a comprehensive campaign plan in cooperation with you, based on your needs. Examples of occasional communication and rule-based communication are the following campaign types:

Recruitment campaigns:

Customer development campaigns:

Customer connection campaign:

AIC cares for your campaigns from customer selection to customer addressing up to response management. By current evaluations of executed or running campaigns we are able to create a transparent view of progress, status and possible optimization of your campaigns.

Operations/Consulting of response management

For getting into dialog with the customer it’s not enough to provide the customer with interesting advertising messages in regular intervals. Customer care and support is important, however the customers behavior regarding the advertisings is decisive for optimization and care of contacts. The uttermost different insights can be won by evaluation of customer reactions:

AIC’s interfaces provide a feedback from customer behavior to the triggering campaign. We’d love to consult or aid you in transforming response structures of your touchpoints into Closed Loop.

Provision of performance measurement

Performance measurement of single marketing measures is important to secure effectiveness and success of the dialog marketing. For a  successful measurement AIC uses the modern and proven procedures: Response elements, controlling and comparative groups, contact histories, as well as reports with drilling functionality to receive interesting detail information. With the so gained knowledge from successful measurement you are able to develop successful communication strategies further on the one hand, and avoid misjudgments in future on the other hand.