Response management

Closed Loop marketing exists of three essential components depending on each other and working in a cycle: Customer addressing, response management as well as analysis of customer and campaign. Insights from these analyses form the basis for optimized customer addressing. This cycle continues in a functioning Closed Loop marketing permanently. In response management it is a matter of short time intervals to provide customer behavior to the dispositive system in regard to all touchpoints. In order to process these responses data structures need to be created that enable performant and detailed analysis on the one hand and enable selecting access for Marketing Automation on the other.

Connection to different Touchpoints

Customer responses are measured according to very different touchpoints. Nevertheless, data mass and granularity differs immensely in the offline and the online world. Information about your customer available by your store is only a fraction of the data mass you are able to gather through an online shop. Accept the challenge to exploit customer response data originating from cash registers, online shopping baskets, portals, emails or connected apps for intelligent analyses.

Data interface

Processing of data from the operative system is the foundation for analysis of response data for a dispositive system. Use and profit from prepared interfaces able to accept data from diverse sources and deliver these in a standardized form into the response data-structures of ai.suite’s Marketing Automation. As soon as response data is made available to Marketing Automation, ai.suite can access those for future mailings. Therefore, multistage campaigns can be run fully automated, the Closed Loop is indeed closed.