At the conference in Berlin the internet association BITKOM and the ministry for consumer protection discussed the possibilities of big data and what it would mean for the future.

At this year’s event the participants will be discussing, among other things, the massive advantages that big data can bring and which can be used in the resolution of business queries and problems.

The ever increasing amount of data, which has arisen as a result of the use of mobile devices, social media and other online channels, can be structured and analysed with the help of big data technologies.  The possibilities are endless.  During elections, for instance, the current and future behaviour of voters can be analysed.  Traffic analyses and predictions can be carried out – e.g. the latest traffic information for motorways and major trunk roads.  Support in decision making in the health care industry will be possible through connectable data on symptoms and treatments.  The resulting opportunities require a responsible as well as a competent approach to the processing of the data.

Internet Safer Day is a worldwide campaign day initiated by the European Union.  It takes place every year in February. 

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