Fully automated campaign planning instead of manual mailings: With the ai.suite measures, EDEKA Northern Bavaria is optimising customer management measures.

EDEKA Northern Bavaria-Saxony-Thuringia is a further regional wholesale firm of the EDEKA Group that has chosen to use the campaign software ai-suite starting at the end of 2012. Previously, EDEKA Northern Bavaria conducted campaign measures manually, from the collection of customer addresses to the evaluation of advertising campaigns. This effort is now a thing of the past. With the help of ai-suite, the largest local supplier in the region will first automate large market mailings and optimise the quality of the data base. Duplicate management and e-mail marketing are the next measures on the agenda.

The automated reporting of the AIC Group will help EDEKA Northern Bavaria to quickly and efficiently evaluate campaigns. The results of the evaluations flow back into the data base and can be used for new campaigns. EDEKA Northern Bavaria-Saxony-Thuringia has its headquarters in Rottendorf near Würzburg and is one of the seven wholesale firms in the EDEKA Group. After EDEKA Minden-Hannover, it is the second wholesale firm to be working with the ai.suite fully automated dialog marketing.