The AIC Group is currently working to integrate Apple Inc.'s extremely promising iBeacon technology into its campaign software package, ai.suite.

iBeacon technology is still very fresh – Apple developed it as recently as 2013. The applications of iBeacons are as many and varied as they are exciting. Amongst their uses is to aid navigation around enclosed areas; such as retail spaces, for example. iBeacons, which are basically tiny transmitters, are carefully positioned in an enclosed space from where they give off signals. If a receiver contained in a smartphone comes into their immediate vicinity, they can then push targeted messages to that receiver. The only thing needed for such messages to be received is that the receiving mobile device has Bluetooth enabled and an iBeacon-capable App installed.

Aside from being able to transmit push messages, iBeacon technology can also detect the position of the receiver in the room. For example, if a customer lingers a while in the immediate area of an in-house brand display, the iBeacon can send tailor-made coupons directly to his or her smartphone. Or as customers approach the cash desk, the iBeacon can let them know the range of different payment options available.

By integrating this technology into its ai.suite system, the AIC Group now has the capacity to direct individual customers to particular areas of the store in the light of their socio-demographic traits, personal interests or past shopping behaviour. Personalised coupons can be sent to their mobile device.

The AIC Group is currently testing iBeacon technology in a development environment, and is evaluating its potential applications in campaign management. If these tests are successful, the AIC Group will go ahead with providing iBeacon technology as a new channel within the ai.suite.

For more additional informations about the iBeacon-technology, please click here.

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