AIC-Workshop workshop about „Gamification – Applying gamification techniques in the company context of the AIC Group, a leading German solution supplier for Customer and Business Intelligence“

The eighth Leuphana conference on Entrepreneurship took place on January 18th – 20th under the main topic “Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship”. Scientists, students and companies met in workshops, sessions, lectures and discussion rounds about manifold topics always aiming to connect science and praxis.

To connect practical recommended actions with scientific findings was the main focus of the AIC workshop as well. Under the theme “Gamification – Applying gamification techniques in the company context of the AIC Group” the participants prepared the basics of effectiveness of gamification, followed by its usage in the field based upon use cases originating in AIC group’s direct work environment. Concluding the workshop, the group worked on specific case studies.

All participants voted on the most creative gamification-idea at the end of the workshop. The winning team members received a prize for their engagement and their creativity.

The workshop was a success for all involved parties; providing practical know-how for the participants and new impulses for AIC group. AIC Group is looking forward to extend collaboration with Leuphana university in the future.

Find out more about the conference at www.leuphana.de.

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