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Performance reporting - visualize and measure the success of your closed-loop campaign activities

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Closed-Loop - Marketing Automation

Closed-loop Process

Central storage of all relevant customer & campaign data

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Touchpoints & Interfaces

Connection of closed-loop Interfaces for data provision & feedback

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Standard reporting

Pre-prepared reports for Evaluation of the campaign success

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Customized reporting

Integrated solution for the implementation of individual reporting requirements

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Closed-Loop - Marketing Automation

Closed-loop process

Evaluate the success of your campaign management with tailored reporting and perform response analyses, success and cost calculations, migration statistics and customer-specific analyses. With AIC Group’s aisuite, you have an overview of all your marketing activities including their individual performance, identify particularly profitable measures and customers in such a way that current and future campaigns can be controlled in a targeted manner.

The closed loop is created by tracing back customer behavior after receiving an offer. This allows you not only to evaluate in detail, but also to incorporate the insights gained in this way into the creation of optimized campaigns.

With the help of the AIC Group’s closed-loop process, you have all your marketing data under one roof, because both the customer data and the contact history with customer behavior are located in the central analysis database and can thus be used effectively for evaluation purposes.

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Touchpoints Schnittstellen - Marketing Automation

Touchpoints & Interfaces

You measure the behavior of your customers at a wide variety of touchpoints. However, the amount of data and granularity differs immensely in the offline/online world. The information you can receive from your customer in your store is only a fraction of the “flood of data” that can be collected via your web store. Whereas in the customer contact of the branch system it is traditionally the requirement to store as much data as possible, in the online world it is a question of clever selection, consolidation and observance of data protection regulations! Take on the challenge of using your customers’ response data from the POS system, the online store or the portal, the newsletter or the app for intelligent analyses.

The basis for holistic analyses is the processing of data from the operational systems into a dispositive system. Benefit from the ready-made interfaces that can accept response data from a wide variety of sources and transfer it in a standardized manner to the data structures of aisuite. As soon as the response data is available to Marketing Automation, it can be accessed in future mailings. Multi-stage customer journeys can thus be processed automatically, closing the closed loop.

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Standardreporting - Marketing Automation

Standard reporting

In the course of performance reporting, the same questions always have to be answered in order to be able to evaluate the success of a campaign, such as: How many customers were addressed and reached during the campaign? How many customers responded to the campaign? With the help of aisuite’s integrated standard reporting, you can answer precisely these recurring questions quickly and easily.

Standard reporting includes various reports that can be called up directly from aisuite and, if necessary, expanded to include additional evaluations. Each report provides a different view of the success of a campaign, such as success per iteration, per channel and target group, or even per played offer. The data on which the reports are based is prepared in a short time and fully automated by the aisuite and displayed in the reports in an updated form so that the progress of a campaign can be monitored and evaluated closely.

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Kanal Optimierung

Customized reporting

Requirements that go beyond standard reporting can also be implemented in the form of individually prepared documents and dashboards. In addition, all data relevant for evaluation can be provided in so-called interactive scorecards. Intelligent caching makes even complex evaluations possible in just a few seconds.

However, even the best evaluations can only generate added value if they can be accessed and used easily and everywhere. With AIC Group’s integrated reporting solution (MicroStrategy), you can therefore view your evaluations on all common media: Desktop, Web, Mobile or Tablet. This gives you access to your data and analyses at any time and any place.

Further information on the subject, starting with the structuring and preparation of the available data and ending with its provision, can be found in the “Business Intelligence” section.

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