Tune and coordinate your messages across all channels to each other

By progressive digitalization in all areas of life, demands for marketing also changes. With AIC Group’s cross-channel campaign-management-solution of you can serve your channels both independently of each other and tune your actions also across channels to each other. Using this coordination you create synergies, provide a consistent experience to your customers and increase potential for conversion of prospective customers to customers.


Create a uniform database across all channels

AIC Group’s marketing platform you keep all relevant data at a central place. By reduction of separate systems and data management for different communication channels, you avoid data silos. This way, customers, addressing and campaign information can be summarized at any time and bundled for new measures. Use this potential.


 Connect relevant channels to your campaign management

Every customer has his own preferred communication channel. To gain a very high conversion rate and provide relevant offers for them, it is necessary to be able to control all channels by campaign management. With AIC Group’s solution ai.suite it is possible to connect to these relevant canals. You plan your campaigns at a central place, can execute and evaluate them. Avoid double work.


Tune distribution channels to each other

Connect your distribution channels to each other and provide your customers consistent information free of contradiction. Do not give away potential in case of isolated consideration of your channels. By central care of measures, offers and addresses you protect the coherence of your customer contacts. This is not only relevant for contacts via mail, e-mail or portals, but also for a customer’s visit to a store