Multidimensional data analysis in seconds

Track down crucial connections of your enterprise data and visualize these in a few seconds. AIC Group’s software solution enables you to understand the needs of your customers and to develop leading models for interaction with them. This is an important basis for marketing success.


High performance in spite of large data amounts

By integrated High-end-OLAP-functionalities you can execute a multidimensional data analysis fast and visualize the results without time delay. Experience the unbelievable performance of ai.mining with large data amounts as well using the intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.


Many products in one software

With the help of AIC Group’s software solution you cover the functionalities which would need several different software products otherwise. Its possibilities are manifold and reach from interactive multivariate data exploration to the Data Mining for Next Best Offer, trend recognitions, churn hazard and data quality assurances.


Real knowledge from real information

Collect valuable customer information with ai.mining’s implemented predictive analytics functions and make successful marketing decisions on this base. Identify significant patterns and dependencies in data supplies and derive forecasts of future customer behavior. Identify drift-threatened customers and actively become preventive, since keeping customers is preferred over winning new customers.