Bring your customer connection to the next level

In the digital age actual dialog marketing means the realization of complicated marketing campaigns in short intervals on all communication canals. Additionally, highly competitive functions are necessary in the three key areas data, action and analysis. AIC Group’s marketing platform is a palette of products (ai.suite) integrating these three areas into just one, professional solution. It enables stepping in with your customers and prospective customers to a continuous dialog, learning from the interactions and using this knowledge in planning and realization of other campaigns.

Analyze your customers for dialog improvement

Carry out an integrated customer analysis in consideration of historical and topical customer behavior. Learn from the interactions with your customers and use this knowledge by planning and realization of other campaigns. From the so gained knowledge you can send only those offers to your customers in which they’re really interested.

Be active across all channels

From just one, central place from you can design, coordinate and trigger all personalized interactions with your customers. It contains all Inbound- and Outbound channels and covers next to classical channels like mail, e-mail and phone also the online canals like portals, web pages and mobile apps. This will increase customer loyalty and enable you to determine customer lifetime value. In summary your customer dialog improves greatly in both efficiency and profitability.

Gain efficiency and reduce costs

Besides implementation and analysis of marketing measures ai.suite can determine campaign participant potentials and control them. In addition, you avoid too frequent or double customer addresses and gain even more efficiency by fully automated processes – completely without higher personnel expenditure.