Evaluation creates improvement

Evaluate the success of your marketing measures with precise reporting and carry out response analyses, success and expense calculations, wandering statistics and customer-relevant analyses. Thereby all your marketing actions are in view together with their individual performance, allowing you to identify especially productive measures and customers, to purposefully plan and control future campaigns.


Make your closed loop marketing effective

The closed loop is created by refeeding the customer’s behavior after receipt of an offer. It enables you to not only evaluate on a detailed basis, but allows to use the gained insights for creation of optimized campaigns.


Display your evaluations on your preferred medium

The analyses are provided as individually processed documents, so that the campaign course becomes understandable and controllable. View your evaluations on all current media: Desktop, web, mobile or tablet. This way you have access to your data and analyses at any time, any place.


Keep your data centralized for a consistent evaluation

With AIC Group’s integrated reporting solution all your marketing data lies in one hand, because customer data, customer contact history as well as customer behavior lies in the central analysis-database and can be used effectively for evaluation purposes.


See your interactive scorecards in seconds

All data relevant for evaluation can be provided in interactive scorecards. By intelligent caching even complex evaluations are possible in few seconds. The graphic representation is updated by filter adaptations on the fly.