Costumer-interaction on a real-time basis

A single, accurate offer can be decisive for a purchase or non-purchase. With AIC Group’s real time-campaign management you define commercial rules to which offers are given to which customer when. These individual recommendations and offers can increase not only the value of your customer contact, but also the average revenue. Use the entire potential of a modern campaign management.


Individualize offers on a real-time basis

With the help of AIC Group’s software solution you have access to customer data, response data, purchase history and – if required –social media use. Thus you can react fast and individually to customer behavior and provide individualized offers in online channels on a real-time basis.


Communicate tuned to the preferences of your customers

Their data forms the base to knowledge for the preferences of your customers. The more elaborate this database is, the more accurate you can control offers and recommendations. An offer tuned to the preferences of your customers at the right time, doesn’t only raise likelihood for a prospective customer to become a regular customers, but also the overall happiness of your existing customers.


Inspire your customers and increase your revenue

For a campaign manager it’s only a compilation of offers and product recommendations from a catalogue, but for the customer it is an appreciation to receive individually fitted offers. Offer a consistent marketing experience to your customers and increase customer loyalty and numbers of new customers.