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The blood flowing through our veins: Business Intelligence.

Our goal was and is to support companies in decision making based on their data. Qualified decisions require in-depth knowledge and often have to be made quickly – that‘s where Business Intelligence helps. At first we resolve your company’s information requirement, define key performance indicators and procedures for preparing and calculating them to utilize your system environment to the best extent as well as ensuring content, availability and quality of existing data.

If necessary, AIC Group will develop new concepts for your data warehousing and create a reliable and qualitatively excellent basis for optimization of all business processes.  We prepare your data, correct and update it. Hereby gained knowledge can be used for controlling, marketing or other in-house processes.

Company information, customer master and transaction data as well as key figures are prepared regularly or on an ad hoc basis in the BI environment and provisioned for a wide variety of end devices.

BI supports you in operational and strategic decisions.





Business Intelligence Strategy

Business Intelligence (BI) applications are a vital component of corporate management. But only sometimes the requirements for a comprehensive BI strategy are fulfilled. Analytics solutions are often based on demands of different departments. These taken into consideration by your IT and are built up based on tactical decisions. Since this development is usually not tuned to each other, it can lead to a unclear, heterogeneous and therefore very ineffective system and application landscape. The potential of analytics cannot be exhausted this way.

Besides, the variety in isolated applications leads to loss in data quality from which faulty reports, inconsistent results and, in the end, massive problems arise, resulting in low acceptance of BI. Nevertheless, at the same time the complexity of the information and processes rises in many branches. Therefore, international large-scale enterprises as well as small and medium-sized companies need a working BI to remain controllable and competitive.

Among the rest, a Bi strategy answers questions like

Which enterprise data should be used as information for different operational, tactical and strategical decisions for corporate management?

  • How often and at what times should this information be provided?
  • How important is data quality for receivers of information and how can trust in the data be guaranteed and be created?
  • Which reports and evaluations (standard reports, OLAP analyses, Data Mining, Dashboards, mobile) are required in which extent?
  • How does a suitable organizational installation harmonized with your enterprise look to optimally implement, conceptualize and run BI?

Enterprises from the branches like trade, banks and insurances profit from AIC Group’s longtime  expert’s knowledge of Business Intelligence. We identify the need of information of your enterprise, define key figure systems and procedures to identify these key figures. Afterwards we analyze existing system landscapes, data contents, data availability and data quality (usability) of the source systems. AIC Group creates – according to enterprise requirements – new concepts for a reliable, qualitatively excellent database for you to optimize all corporate processes.. Development of Data Warehouse solutions for you with highly competitive OLAP technology is one of the core competences of the AIC Group in Business Intelligence.


Enterprises must master a rising flood of data containing ever growing, varying information about customers, products and corporate processes. Simultaneous care and processing of data in different IT systems causes high expenditure of time and is little efficient. Many enterprises use a Data Warehouse to differentiate and file data and information in a structured manner. Large amounts of data can be collected and evaluated by Business Intelligence, without data losing quality or consistency. Thus Data Warehousing supports management in strategical decisions concerning small up to Big Data as an analytic Bi instrument.

Data quality

Primary condition for a good Data Warehouse is data quality. Qualitatively insufficient data can affect corporate and operational decisions and cause a loss in trust and image. A database might be sufficient for certain requirements, but insufficient for others. By automated functions like monitoring, data revision and actualization in creation and filling of the Data Warehouse, AIC Group maintains protects data for different demands. Within this clean data flow process relevant and interpretable data is available to you in the Data Warehouse at all times. Methodical course of action for data interpretation such as Slowly Changing Dimensions Type 1 to Type 3 is our standard. By support of many tools we achieve products of great value.

Data modeling.

AIC Group cares for an integrated and consistent data transfer into the dispositive system (Data Warehouse). We evaluate existing system surroundings and develop possible optimizations concerning infrastructure, data modeling (physically and logically), data care (ETL) and performance based on the results. Our data modeling methods for Data Warehousing lets you have a comprehensive, interactive view of products, customers, regions and information characteristics. Our OLAP-supported templates consist of fast, complex queries, whereas a huge number of styles of your data as well as single and trend analyses is possible.

Data modeling via star pattern

You receive as many possible combinations of information as you like by relational data of facts and dimensions in OLAP systems. The mass of data condenses key figures and characteristics numbers and qualities to the highest hierarchy steps and displayed as a multidimensional structure –a star pattern. The advantages of data representation as a star pattern lies in the easy, intuitive data model and the relatively low servicing costs of your Data Warehouses.

Data modelling via Snowflake pattern

Dimensional tables are shown normalized in a Snowflake pattern. In contrast to the star pattern where surrounding dimension tables are connected directly to the fact table, there are several levels in the Snowflake pattern and dimension tables are disassembled into smaller dimensions. Data is therefore less redundant and better structured.

AIC Group works with both star as well as Snowflake patterns in data modelling. Both are complex, logical architecture systems in data modelling with variable enquiry options of the data.

Data integration (ETL).

Operational corporate data which is processed,  in ERP-, contract, accountancy or legacy systems for example, serves exclusively control and supervision of operational business. Modern BI systems are set on integrated, multidimensional data banks to receive economically interpretable data. Besides, data from operational data is transformed by ETL processes in a Data Warehouse and are transferred afterwards. In the ETL process the original data is extracted from different sources first, transformed into the target format and last loaded in the target database.. With this process of harmonization and consolidation of your data you’ll profit from both longtime BI expertise of AIC Group as well as professionalism of high quality software, i.e. realized by Talend software.

From heterogeneous data sources to homogeneous dispositive structures

By optimization of Data Warehouse landscapes we care for dependable data. Based on your specifications we put up default pattern und quality standards to provide your data. Highest quality concerning the ETL process is our credo: We provide for a profound data revision and create a clear semantic and ID assignment for transformation of your data for the future Data Warehouse. Your data is stored in the finest resolution, so that every product movement, every sale and every single voucher / contract is modellable in a multidimensional way. An adaptable and persistent data care and management at the same time is always guaranteed.

Reporting and dashboards.

Enterprises use reports and analyses as a modern instrument of their BI landscape for control of daily business and for strategical management decisions. We realize high-quality report and analyses in proven and modern formats for you by your corporate standards. All enterprise information, revenue, key figures and item distribution is processed on a real-time basis from the Data Warehouse in a structured manner and is made available most different devices.

Multidimensional enterprise overviews through interactive reports

If required, we integrate reports into existing web solutions. The adaptable and quick access to data aids you in efficient and target-oriented analysis of your information. Reports put into graphical or textual frontends are able to show multidimensional enterprise overviews, interactive scorecards and dashboard in one glimpse. Drilling-down technology of our interactive OLAP reports allow a multi-layered evaluation of the reports into finest granularity.

Operational and strategical report for enterprise decision-makers

In OLAP applications combinations of beforehand defined dimension-elements like month or product category are fixated within the database. These can be retrieved simply by mouse click. Professional users of distribution, marketing, sales or controlling can generate endless new oprational and strategical reports without programming and deeper IT- or SQL knowledge. All departments can access reports which are based on the same consistent corporate key figures.


The use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs becomes increasingly important for businesses, and a mobile access to Business Intelligence data should be available anywhere and anytime. Productiveness rises because employees can work effectively outside the office as well. Commercial processes run smoothly because you are able to supervise important key figures on the go. Already generated BI reports are reusable and security and provision functions of the implemented Bi platform can be implemented.

Mobile Dashboards

Mobile Dashboards allow for a perfect representation of your corporate data on mobile devices like Smartphones or iPads on the go. The presentation of dashboards is customized to the functionality of mobile devices, leading to ease and speed of usability in visualizing significant corporate results. AIC Group develops mobile dashboards as a significant tool to deliver important information to key account managers, marketing staff and the like.

Big. Data

Big Data as challenge and chance at the same time

Data growth is rising continuously and rapidly entails a mix of structured and unstructured data with complex relations. But not only data increases in number and volume, more users are exploring the potential of Big Data from a multitude of data sources. These ever growing data supplies need to be consolidated and usable by Big Data technologies.

Transparency by Big Data

With our methods and technologies for registering, saving and analyzing multi-layered data we create transparency and an automated, innovative control of corporate processes for your enterprise. It’s not simply about providing ever more memory capabilities – a regular relational database will reach its boundaries soon with growing data volumes and create high costs. We design analytical database systems and data appliances for you, enabling an efficient management and processing of information.

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