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The eyes we‘re always keeping open - Marketing Services.

AIC bundles Marketing Services with other services enabling a valuable and successful customer dialog. Depending on your marketing organization in dialog marketing you can combine the right service package for your marketing strategy. With our marketing services we support you in the strategic orientation of your customer dialogue.

As soon as the goals have been set, we can accompany you in your marketing process or take over or control the operational part of your dialog marketing as a service. It’s our goal to successfully design your loyalty measures with you!

A strong partner for precise, automated dialog marketing on all available channels.




360° degree customer view.

In the dialog marketing there are many components influencing success. This are communication channels, innovation readiness, campaign management, advertising means and communication strategies. All these fields devote themselves in marketing to the construction and extension of a long-term customer relationship!

Only the customer decides – consciously or unconsciously – which products, services and suppliers he prefers. Therefore the focus lies on the customer concerning dialog strategies, dialog decisions and dialog processes. In order to guarantee this service you need to have a very extensive look at your customers – a 360° view.

Establishment of a client base

All data known of the customer is the base for an extensive view of the customer. Customer information is collected in operational and dispositive systems and enriched. A main structure is built up to save and combine all client base data for all channels, organizational units and applications. This structure serves “corporate terminology” and is used on the one hand to serve the so-called “golden record” (reliable, correct, client base data of consistent quality) and on the other hand to provide a 360 degree view of the customer.

Data consolidation for different data sources

We are living in a time where steadily new possibilities for communication with customers emerge from dialog marketing. Many of the new channels have already taken a significant role in the customer communication mix in enterprises. The more possibilities you give to your customer engage in dialog, the more detailed data is available. Different data sources generate different events with different relevance for your future decisions. We structure your data, provide for the correct collection, so that data becomes controllable and successfully usable for the marketing. Relevant data is consolidated, so that it becomes usable for your operational and strategical decisions.

Customer value of Customer Insights

Next to well-known master data and response information from marketing actions, reasonable data can be enriched in the client base. For these enrichments we offer interfaces for external data like address corrections and geographical information, but an internal generation of information is possible as well. With our methods for multivariate procedures “Customer Insights” become transparent and applicable. This new information aids in creating even more precise addressing of your customer. Spreading losses, incorrect advertising messages for a target group, can be reduced significantly.

With a 360° view of your customers the most important information about your customers becomes clear and for available for a lasting dialog. Thus improve this dialog continuously and goal-oriented.

Dialog-Services Dialog-Services.

We consult or provide your individually configured marketing automation platform for you. According to your demands we provide communication channels, campaign types and necessary procedures in your system in use. Taking into account your infrastructure we integrate customer databases, content management and shipping service provider. Whether you’d like to use the system on your own or our servers – you’ll receive all advantages of Marketing Automation Platform ai.suite.

Operations/Consulting of data management

Successful dialog marketing needs a stable foundation delivering the architecture of your operational and dispositive databases. It’s required to reproach generated data from the historical customer dialog and to optimize future marketing activities. AIC Group is your partner delivering dialog marketing expertise from many projects and years. We offer connections to the most different operational systems, like customer portals, cash register systems or social networks to continuously extend your data spectrum of customer dialog.

Operations/Consulting of Marketing Automation platform

You’d like to improve dialog with your customers, but lack the technical structures or skilled employees forces for the realization of your ideas? AIC Group has longtime experience in dialog marketing and can develop with a comprehensive campaign plan in cooperation with you, based on your needs. Examples of occasional communication and rule-based communication are the following campaign types:

Recruitment campaigns:

  • Multistage welcome campaign (registration)
  • Profile enrichment campaign (lotteries)

Customer development campaigns:

  • Reactivation campaign (contacts without response)
  • Engagement campaign (mobilization of inactive responses)
  • Follow-up-campaigns (invitation, shopping basket cancellation, service center)

Customer connection campaign:

  • Relationship campaign (Online based on preference)
  • Recommendation campaign (based on behavior)
  • Communication campaign (select offers)

AIC cares for your campaigns from customer selection to customer addressing up to response management. By current evaluations of executed or running campaigns we are able to create a transparent view of progress, status and possible optimization of your campaigns.

Operations/Consulting of response management

For getting into dialog with the customer it’s not enough to provide the customer with interesting advertising messages in regular intervals. Customer care and support is important, however the customers behavior regarding the advertisings is decisive for optimization and care of contacts. The uttermost different insights can be won by evaluation of customer reactions:

  • Do we use the right communication channel?
  • Which customers bought products, which didn’t?
  • Which customers have the same profile as the purchasing customers and haven’t been considered in campaigns yet?

AIC’s interfaces provide a feedback from customer behavior to the triggering campaign. We’d love to consult or aid you in transforming response structures of your touchpoints into Closed Loop.

Provision of performance measurement

Performance measurement of single marketing measures is important to secure effectiveness and success of the dialog marketing. For a  successful measurement AIC uses the modern and proven procedures: Response elements, controlling and comparative groups, contact histories, as well as reports with drilling functionality to receive interesting detail information. With the so gained knowledge from successful measurement you are able to develop successful communication strategies further on the one hand, and avoid misjudgments in future on the other hand.


Doublet management

Part of a solid data management is the so-called doublet management. A well-working doublet management often is an underestimated, nevertheless given discipline in dialog marketing. A client base freed of doublets not only saves money in shipping but cares for less customer displeasure if he isn’t contacted with identical messages or offers. AIC Groups has a professional solution to offer which both deletes doublets and consolidates customer data. A functional doublet management is basis of a clean client base, itself being basis for campaign processes:

  • Successful evaluations: Campaign analyses or customer values are falsified by customer doublets.
  • Target group definition: Campaign responses cannot be determined or consolidated for customer doublets.
  • Image construction: Multiple transmission of the same information to the same customer indicates deficits.
  • Cost efficiency: Avoid double addresses and save unnecessary shipping, production costs and administrative costs.

Data standardization

You have built up your client base and cared for to get into dialog with your customers? But addressing or address is not given consistently? With the services AIC Group your data will be standardized concerning capitalization or abbreviations. With data standardization both customer addressing and personalization information is standardized.

Address correction

For distribution of mailings the postal way is still an important contact channel. For a well-functioning dialog marketing it is vital for customer data to be up-to-date regarding validity. AIC Group uses Deutsche Post’s reliable services in this regard.

Standardized processes have been developed for Addressfactory and PremiumAdress which prepares the corrected addresses and automatically transmits these to your client base. Corrections for your client base are therefore quickly done without an effort.

Addressfactory allows to examine of your data stock at certain point in time, maybe beforehand a large postal mailing. PremiumAdress is not used only at a few point, but with every postal mailing. ai.suite’s campaign management provides the shipper with individual codes. This way, every return from Premiumadress data can be allocated to a customer and corresponding mailing. This gives you the advantage of address correction or marking of an address as undeliverable and thus a correct campaign reporting.


  • Automatic address correction
  • Correction of receiver’s names (relevant i.e. in case of marriage)
  • Relocations are known
  • Not deliverableaddresses are marked and reused
  • Mailing and production costs are reduced
  • Correct campaign runs aids a correct reporting
  • Address corrections care for high-quality doublet management


With the enrichment of geo-coordinates of your client base and distance calculations to stores or other relevant places, plenty uses are available in the operational and strategical-analytic field.

Find a relation between customer and store in your campaigns and influence therefore the next store visit! Give the address of your prime store to the customer if it is within his trading area. Advertise only those products the customer can get in his closest store. Keep your customers up-to-date regarding changes in your branch network, like new store openings, modernizations or stores closing.

Geographic visualization of customer addresses and distances helps you in your strategical decisions. You can see at one glimpse how many customers are assigned to single stores in regard to distance and how far the average trip to the store is – an important analytic support in deciding for opening new stores.

Response management.

Closed Loop marketing exists of three essential components depending on each other and working in a cycle: Customer addressing, response management as well as analysis of customer and campaign. Insights from these analyses form the basis for optimized customer addressing. This cycle continues in a functioning Closed Loop marketing permanently. In response management it is a matter of short time intervals to provide customer behavior to the dispositive system in regard to all touchpoints. In order to process these responses data structures need to be created that enable performant and detailed analysis on the one hand and enable selecting access for Marketing Automation on the other.

Connection to different Touchpoints

Customer responses are measured according to very different touchpoints. Nevertheless, data mass and granularity differs immensely in the offline and the online world. Information about your customer available by your store is only a fraction of the data mass you are able to gather through an online shop. Accept the challenge to exploit customer response data originating from cash registers, online shopping baskets, portals, emails or connected apps for intelligent analyses.

Data interface

Processing of data from the operative system is the foundation for analysis of response data for a dispositive system. Use and profit from prepared interfaces able to accept data from diverse sources and deliver these in a standardized form into the response data-structures of ai.suite’s Marketing Automation. As soon as response data is made available to Marketing Automation, ai.suite can access those for future mailings. Therefore, multistage campaigns can be run fully automated, the Closed Loop is indeed closed.

Coupon management.

Coupons enable entering into dialog with your customer and to make it measurable. In dialog marketing, communication is defined by responsiveness of the individual customer. A good way to ease answering for the customer are the provided offers and messages. These are encrypted with a unique advertising key, resulting in allocation of a used or not used coupon to a campaign. Thus we able to portray a precise customer image since it is known which interest, reaction time, frequency, revenues and other aspects correspond to the customer. These insights are used for performance measurement and derivation for future measures.

Coupon code generation

Allocation of sent coupons to a customer is necessary to a measure responses. This is done by the response element. The response element is provided by Marketing Automation software ai.suite in greatest possible flexibility. The generation of the response element is realized with the help of a modular system. The composition of information of the response element can be managed by the software. For example, a GTIN code for cash registers can be defined from campaigns, costumer-IDs and check sums to an EAN code. The visual representation as a barcode, QR code or other forms is standardized due to capture possibilities of the touchpoint. The EAN code enable measurement of all components of the campaign, such as target group, action, offer, channel etc.

Online coupons

With AIC Group’s marketing automation, communication over available online channels can be easily controlled. It is not distinguished between online campaigns and offline campaigns using coupon generation, this way it is possible to be able to distribute the same offers over different channels. Send coupons via post-mailings, e-mail campaigns and newsletter. Supply connected apps and portals with coupon-based offers! Coupon processing occurs in a stringent way, so that a comparability over different channels is guaranteed regarding response measurement. Campaign- and channel-covering actions are possible and provide for transparent visualization in measurement of single actions with the same reports.


Customer loyalty distinguishes itself by a stable and permanently profitable customer relationship. An important basis for construction of loyalty is corporate relationship-care: Give adequate attention to your client base. This goal can be attained by careful frequenting using customer’s preferred and accepted channels as well as relevant offers. The loyal customer will pay you back by mouth-to-mouth propaganda and recommendation business.

With AIC’s marketing automation will consider consent forms and channel preferences of every single customer. The software controls addressing frequency over campaing forms and channels for you. Using offer management, incentives like miles, points and such can be created as your own currency. A platform like that creates a world of entertainment for your customers to care for and identify themselves with your brand. We have realized projects like that successfully. Use our expertise. An important step to loyalty of your customers!

Customer insights.

Data exploration

By ever growing data, a huge number of relations it can lead to problems with data quality. The complexity of data complicates a manual review of single records. This is where data-exploration begins: Its job is to protect data quality and to recognize and identify make connections in data recognizable and visible. Structures and patterns can be verified and divergences target values identified in a short time. Intelligent tools of data-exploration help in examination and quality assurance.

By our tools we offer a multivariate interactive data-exploration. This opens up ways for an understanding of your customers, their needs and purchasing habits and therefore the possibility for an optimal target group choice. We analyze your master and transaction data and visualize customer and action potentials as well as product affinities. You can use these to optimize your sales strategies and the planning of campaigns. The analysis’ results provide important information for controlling and to the subsequent efficiency measurement of marketing measures.

Data Mining

Relevant data can be extracted with Data Mining from a large data base detached from fixed segmentations. AIC Group supports you in predictive as well as exploratory Data Mining and helps you to identify runaway values in your data and show correlations. We provide association analyses and modellings of decision trees for you. By linking the data – example: a customer group buys a special series of products in a certain timeframe – trends can be discovered and used for marketing and distribution.

Forecast models within the distribution management gain more and more attention. This concept of anticipatory data analysis is successfully being used especially in areas like telecommunications, trade, bank economy and the insurance industry. Our methods and tools of Data Mining imply Predictive-Analytics-solutions indicating relevant commercial information and with it trends of buying patterns of your customers or chances of possible marketing strategies. Thus you can forecast solutions for frequent questions: How can range and effectiveness be raised by marketing campaigns? In which customer segments will demand for certain products be especially high? Which strategies can influence future customer behavior? Thus you succeed in offering your products and services with foresight and oriented to the needs your customers.

Predictive Analytics

The tools of Predictive Analytics are laid out to analyze each of your customer relations and assign to a strategical communicative adjustment. This enables to you to interpret every customer relationship appropriately to its status and to continue customer dialog with suitable campaigns and measures. Therefore every single customer relationship can be raised to a higher level.

Thus you can convert drift-willing customers to occasional buyers. Occasional buyers to a stable stable customer relationship. Expand stable customer relations, recognize potentials and use additional sales by cross-Selling, add-on-Selling, or Up-Selling strategies – and, finally develop profitable to loyal customers.

Scores and clusters

Revenue made? Purchases made? Activities in touchpoints? Dwell time? Demographic data? There is a lot of information about the customer which can be relevant for calculation of customer value or the allocation to a customer cluster. We offer elaborate solutions, but are able to react to your individual demands as well!

What are customer values and customer clusters required for generally? A nice discipline in dialog marketing, where analytic knowledge and operational activities go hand in hand. Analyze which customers wandered within the defined clusters – which customers have converted from a stable and profitable customer relationship to an occasional buyers? Operationally, you appeal to these „turning away“-customers by reactivation strategies.

What sounds like a lot of work and intensive care, can by covered with marketing automation ai.suite of AIC Group routinely. Acknowledged: Communication strategies have to be developed and the campaign mix must be tuned accordingly. However, once the campaigns are fixed in the system, customer dialog is running in automation and is always up to date!

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