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The pulse setting our beat – the aisuite®

Individual creativity, organization and planning remain the most important success factors in marketing. With aisuite® you can optimize exactly these areas. You only send relevant messages that your customers receive right where they are. aisuite® takes handles time-consuming processes for you and automates your dialog marketing.

AIC Group’s marketing platform is a range of products integrating the three areas of data, action and analysis into a single, professional solution. Our aisuite® is being continuously developed to adhere current standards and market trends. It‘s available on-premises or as a service solution. Making it more flexible and even more adaptive – perfect for companies with a smaller customer base. With aisuite® you‘re able to analyze your data in the smallest detail. It selects relevant data from your inventory, analyzes it in regard to campaign goals, helps you with the design and chooses the right channels for customer approach. Whilst data is created, you are already able to react to current customer behavior. This is digital marketing.

Campaign management: efficient and automated for inbound and outbound communication with aisuite®

Campaign management: efficient and automated for inbound and outbound communication with the aisuite®



Marketing platform software ai.suite®

In the digital age actual dialog marketing means the realization of complicated marketing campaigns in short intervals on all communication canals. Additionally, highly competitive functions are necessary in the three key areas data, action and analysis. AIC Group’s marketing platform is a palette of products (ai.suite®) integrating these three areas into just one, professional solution. It enables stepping in with your customers and prospective customers to a continuous dialog, learning from the interactions and using this knowledge in planning and realization of other campaigns.

Analyze your customers for dialog improvement

Carry out an integrated customer analysis in consideration of historical and topical customer behavior. Learn from the interactions with your customers and use this knowledge by planning and realization of other campaigns. From the so gained knowledge you can send only those offers to your customers in which they’re really interested.

Be active across all channels

From just one, central place from you can design, coordinate and trigger all personalized interactions with your customers. It contains all Inbound- and Outbound channels and covers next to classical channels like mail, e-mail and phone also the online canals like portals, web pages and mobile apps. This will increase customer loyalty and enable you to determine customer lifetime value. In summary your customer dialog improves greatly in both efficiency and profitability.

Gain efficiency and reduce costs

Besides implementation and analysis of marketing measures ai.suite can determine campaign participant potentials and control them. In addition, you avoid too frequent or double customer addresses and gain even more efficiency by fully automated processes – completely without higher personnel expenditure.


  • A complete marketing platform for data, action and analysis.
  • Connection to many channels, varying data origins and ways of communication
  • Quick, easy and reasonable implemention and servicing
  • Adaptably enough for large companies as well as small or medium-sized ones


Aim of segmentation is to address customers more effectively and more efficiently, to look and to treat them according to their needs and their customer value. Using ai.suite it becomes clear  which customer is assigned to a certain segment because of which characteristic. This way different aims can be defined for cross- or upselling.

Definition of homogeneous groups

With segmentation of ai.analyser homogeneous groups can be defined from the totality of (potential) customers, where the same structures (such as purchase behavior) can be shown, but the groups themselves have a very different purchase behavior.

Personalization and control segments

Outbound-and Inbound- campaigns can be defined based on accumulated customer data, determined customer value as well as data of the lifecycle segments.

Where customer segments for outbound-campaigns are calculated event-steered, calculation of inbound segments runs on a real-time basis. Outbound segments are used in White- and E-Mailing, Inbound segments are used for online channels as portals or Apps.

Collect information about customers

To be able to segment your customers, you must know your customers. Collect the information which the customer leaves in the course of his life cycle with you. The most important characteristics are mostly from the areas of sociodemographics, geography and customer behavior. In addition, it is advisable to build up trigger subjects – when is the customer’s birthday, when does his contract run out, are there seasons in which he shows the same, remarkable behavior?

Orientation towards customer life cycle

Consider which phases a customer can run through before segmentation. These phases will decisively influence the later segmentation. It might even be necessary and wise to not include all customer groups into segmentation but to treat single special groups as new customers or VIPs differently.

Use customers value

Every customer is important, but not necessarily profitable. There is a certain number of customers of every enterprise who are worth spending more money for than for others.

There are different procedures to define the customer’s value:

  • RFM model (Recency, Frequency and Monetary Ratio). How often has the customer purchased? When did the last purchase take place? How much revenue did he generate by that purchase? For all these questions points are awarded and added up per customer.
  • Customer Lifetime Value: Calculation of a customer’s lifetime capital.
  • Customer’s gross marginal return calculation: Compensation of profit and cost for every customer.
  • ABC-customer analysis: Classification of customers by turnover or marginal return. Typically the best 20% are classified as A-customers and the worst 20% as C-customers.

Use customer value as another control dimension. Your current customers can be sorted by value and special offers can be defined. In addition, you are able to score your prospective customers and find out how much profit and revenue these customers will generate in the course of business relationship. This way, advertising budgets for gaining new customers can be optimized as well as contact with prospective customers and maximum profit generated.


  • No deep, technical know-how needed to create complicated segments
  • Classical and real-time segments in a single software
  • Extensive customer data for an individual care
  • Cost savings by differentiated customer addressing

Classical campaign

To pursue professional dialogue marketing today, you must be able to carry out complicated marketing campaigns in short intervals and on different communication canals. Determine desired customer target groups with the help of ai.suite not only by social-, to demographic and geographical factors, but also by their purchase behavior.

Achieve a decisive competitive advantage

Using marketing automation software ai.suite you achieve a decisive competitive advantage in dialog marketing: You’re able to contact your customers and prospective customers with this modular, multichannel-capable tool for classical campaign management with addressee appropriate offers for different channels.

Learn from interaction with your customers

ai.suite is based on integrated customer analysis, taking historical and present customer behavior into consideration. Thus you are able to learn from the interaction with customers to using this knowledge in planning and realization of other campaigns as well. ai.suite fulfills all requirements for an entire closed loop marketing, rounded up by planning of personnel and financial resources.

Carry out all processes with one software

With ai.suite, AIC Group offers a modular marketing automation software that can flexibly handle both simple and complex campaigns in dialog marketing specifically designed for customer segments. The software’s modules cover all processes for campaign management, from target group analysis to planning and realization of campaigns up to its evaluation.

Appeal to your customers channel optimized

ai.suite serves all classical channels like mail, fax, phone and on-line channels like Social Media, SMS and e-mail by integrated interfaces. Like that, customer addressing can be run through a single system. Subsequently dialog with the customer becomes more efficient and more profitable as well.

Analytic development of customer Insight

Using the marketing automation ai.suite, marketing analysts and campaign managers can segment their customer groups and out them into cluster to address them event-driven and demand-oriented within a campaign. With ai.suite you avoid too frequent or double customer addresses and gain a personalized and individualized communication with your customers on their preferred channels. In the result your customers receive only the offers in which they’re really interested.


  •     Beats closed loop for actions from data of the past
  •     Covers all processes of Outbound-campaign management
  •     Controls all Outbound canals by a central system
  •     Flexible enough for large companies as well as small- or medium sized ones

Real time campaign-management

Next to classical communication channels like mail or e-mail, AIC Group’s real time-campaign management offers plenty of new possibilities. By definition of a rule set and real-time connection to your systems you’re able to provide individualized offers about online channels, as for example online portal or app, on a real-time basis to your customers.

Costumer-interaction on a real-time basis

A single, accurate offer can be decisive for a purchase or non-purchase. With AIC Group’s real time-campaign management you define commercial rules to which offers are given to which customer when. These individual recommendations and offers can increase not only the value of your customer contact, but also the average revenue. Use the entire potential of a modern campaign management.

Individualize offers on a real-time basis

With the help of AIC Group’s software solution you have access to customer data, response data, purchase history and – if required –social media use. Thus you can react fast and individually to customer behavior and provide individualized offers in online channels on a real-time basis.

Communicate tuned to the preferences of your customers

Their data forms the base to knowledge for the preferences of your customers. The more elaborate this database is, the more accurate you can control offers and recommendations. An offer tuned to the preferences of your customers at the right time, doesn’t only raise likelihood for a prospective customer to become a regular customers, but also the overall happiness of your existing customers.

Inspire your customers and increase your revenue

For a campaign manager it’s only a compilation of offers and product recommendations from a catalogue, but for the customer it is an appreciation to receive individually fitted offers. Offer a consistent marketing experience to your customers and increase customer loyalty and numbers of new customers.


  •     Makes real time decisions a part of the customer connection
  •     The control catalog is easy to create, maintain and extend
  •     Running on a highly scalable basis to satisfy all demands
  •     Flexible enough for large companies as well as small and medium-sized ones

Cross channel campaign-management

With AIC Group’s Cross-Channel-campaign-management-solution you not only can stack your channels independently of each other, but also can synchronize your actions across different channels. Coordinate your messages and create synergies in customer dialogue.

Tune and coordinate your messages across all channels to each other

By progressive digitalization in all areas of life, demands for marketing also changes. With AIC Group’s cross-channel campaign-management-solution of you can serve your channels both independently of each other and tune your actions also across channels to each other. Using this coordination you create synergies, provide a consistent experience to your customers and increase potential for conversion of prospective customers to customers.

Create a uniform database across all channels

AIC Group’s marketing platform you keep all relevant data at a central place. By reduction of separate systems and data management for different communication channels, you avoid data silos. This way, customers, addressing and campaign information can be summarized at any time and bundled for new measures. Use this potential.

Connect relevant channels to your campaign management

Every customer has his own preferred communication channel. To gain a very high conversion rate and provide relevant offers for them, it is necessary to be able to control all channels by campaign management. With AIC Group’s solution ai.suite it is possible to connect to these relevant canals. You plan your campaigns at a central place, can execute and evaluate them. Avoid double work.

Tune distribution channels to each other

Connect your distribution channels to each other and provide your customers consistent information free of contradiction. Do not give away potential in case of isolated consideration of your channels. By central care of measures, offers and addresses you protect the coherence of your customer contacts. This is not only relevant for contacts via mail, e-mail or portals, but also for a customer’s visit to a store


  •     An easy conversion of even complicated cross channel strategies
  •     Tunes actions across different channels to each other
  •     Rise of conversion rate by relevant offers
  •     Flexible enough for large companies as well as small and medium-sized ones

Performance reporting

Use manifold evaluation possibilities for a precise reporting. Through these, you have your marketing canals in view together with their individual performance and can use the gained knowledge to create optimized campaigns.

Evaluation creates improvement

Evaluate the success of your marketing measures with precise reporting and carry out response analyses, success and expense calculations, wandering statistics and customer-relevant analyses. Thereby all your marketing actions are in view together with their individual performance, allowing you to identify especially productive measures and customers, to purposefully plan and control future campaigns.

Make your closed loop marketing effective

The closed loop is created by refeeding the customer’s behavior after receipt of an offer. It enables you to not only evaluate on a detailed basis, but allows to use the gained insights for creation of optimized campaigns.

Display your evaluations on your preferred medium

The analyses are provided as individually processed documents, so that the campaign course becomes understandable and controllable. View your evaluations on all current media: Desktop, web, mobile or tablet. This way you have access to your data and analyses at any time, any place.

Keep your data centralized for a consistent evaluation

With AIC Group’s integrated reporting solution all your marketing data lies in one hand, because customer data, customer contact history as well as customer behavior lies in the central analysis-database and can be used effectively for evaluation purposes.

See your interactive scorecards in seconds

All data relevant for evaluation can be provided in interactive scorecards. By intelligent caching even complex evaluations are possible in few seconds. The graphic representation is updated by filter adaptations on the fly.


  •     Identify productive measures and customers
  •     Complex evaluations in a few seconds by intelligent caching
  •     Shows evaluations on all current media types
  •     Flexible enough for large companies as well as small and medium-sized ones

Interactive analysis

Use high-end-OLAP-functionalities of the interactive analysis to evaluate big data amounts in a few seconds and visualize these. Through this, you are able to understand the needs of your customers even better and can develop leading models for interaction.

Multidimensional data analysis in seconds

Track down crucial connections of your enterprise data and visualize these in a few seconds. AIC Group’s software solution enables you to understand the needs of your customers and to develop leading models for interaction with them. This is an important basis for marketing success.

High performance in spite of large data amounts

By integrated High-end-OLAP-functionalities you can execute a multidimensional data analysis fast and visualize the results without time delay. Experience the unbelievable performance of ai.mining with large data amounts as well using the intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

Many products in one software

With the help of AIC Group’s software solution you cover the functionalities which would need several different software products otherwise. Its possibilities are manifold and reach from interactive multivariate data exploration to the Data Mining for Next Best Offer, trend recognitions, churn hazard and data quality assurances.

Real knowledge from real information

Collect valuable customer information with ai.mining’s implemented predictive analytics functions and make successful marketing decisions on this base. Identify significant patterns and dependencies in data supplies and derive forecasts of future customer behavior. Identify drift-threatened customers and actively become preventive, since keeping customers is preferred over winning new customers.


  •    Tracks down successful-critical connections in a few seconds
  •    Short set-up time by an intuitive user interface
  •     Covers numerous functional areas where otherwise several software products would have been necessary
  •    Flexible enough for large companies as well as small and medium-sized ones

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