Who we are.

AIC Group GmbH is a leading German solution supplier for Customer and Business Intelligence, Marketing Automation and Campaign Management.

We develop your BI strategy with our services and utilize our expertise in professional data management as well as in analysis visualization.

Additionally we optimize and automate your marketing acitivities to achieve the best usage of your customer data and to create a holistic dialog between you and your target group.

The base of our service.

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The blood that flows through our veins...

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What we do. Our Mission.

Based on clear objectives we create the prerequisites to develop modern, result- and customer-oriented services and effective products for our customers.

We generate added value with individual and innovative solutions, highly qualified and committed employees in order to improve business processes effectively, efficiently and sustainably.



Our services for integrated dialogue marketing.

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Head office Lüneburg

Johannes-Gutenberg-Straße 3
D-21337 Lüneburg

Tel. +49  4131  40052 – 0
Fax +49  4131  40052 – 10
E-Mail: info@aicgroup.de


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