20 years of BI and Marketing Automation with AIC Group.

... 20 years ago we started together, today we are an established consulting and software house.


Once Upon a time ...

20 years ago, the AIC Group started as an Active Information Concept. The term Business Intelligence did not exist yet, the business area was called Data Warehousing. Dialog marketing was offered manually by experts in database marketing, marketing automation seemed to be a utopia. Today, this is all natural and as always been there. However, it was actually a development over many years that we accompanied as AIC Group and complemented with our ideas.

The current aisuite release will shape the AIC Group for the next few years and allow our customers a new dimension of working in dialogue marketing. Just like HyperIntelligence, Big Data, Data Science and Co. which are the direction of the AIC Group in BI.



The origin of the AIC Group by 2 friends in Lüneburg.


AIC Group GmbH

Johannes-Gutenberg-Straße 3
Germany – 21337 Lüneburg

Tel. +49  4131  40052 – 0
Fax +49  4131  40052 – 10


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