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Our Customer Insight Services.

In Customer Insights we use methods of predictive analytics to increase the relevance of your customer communication and thus ensure its long-term success.

Data Preprocessing

Goal: Ensuring
consistent & representative
data basis. more

Predictive Services

Goal: Determining the most attractive offers per customer or the best fitting customers for an offer.​ more…

Optimization Services

Goal: Determining the preferred shipping channel or the optimal shipping time per customer & channel.  more…

Clustering Services

Goal: Scoring and dynamic clustering of individual customers based on their purchasing behavior. more…


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The knowledge leading

our way represents our expertise.

In Customer Insights, we use predictive analytics methods to increase the relevance of your customer communication and thus ensure its long-term success.

Our Customer Insights Services are designed to analyze each of your customer relationships and to use this information to gain predictive power for future touch points. Thus, you receive answers to recurring campaign management questions:

  • Which products will be in demand from customers in the future?

  • Which customers have a high affinity to the advertied products?

  • How can the reach and effectiveness of marketing campaigns
    to be increased?

  • Which strategies can be used to influence future customer behavior?
Customer Insights – relevant and optimized customer communication.
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Our focal points.

Translations: Versandzeit Optimierung = Shipping time optimization, Kanal Optimierung = Channel optimization

We’re here for you.

All from one source. ​

In order to use our services, much of your existing data can be used right away. Next to turnover and demographic customer data, article master data and response data of previous marketing campaigns can be very helpful. We provide well prepared solutions but are able to take your individual requirements into account as well!

With Predictive Analytics help you are able to provide you products and services on a foresighted and customer specific basis. What sounds like a lot of work and intensive care can routinely be mastered by AIC Group’s Marketing Automation Software aisuite. Indeed, communication strategies have to be developed and the campaign-mix has to be aligned correspondingly – but as soon as the campaigns have been set in the system, your customer dialog is running in automation and always up to date!



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Your most important advantages.

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Customer satisfaction

through personalized content

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Increase in turnover

through proper customer focus

Symbol der AIC Group - Vorteile -Umsatzsteigerung – Customer Insights

Cost reduction

through relevant speeches

Symbol der AIC Group - Vorteile -Synergiepotential – Customer Insights

Synergy potential

through combinable services

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