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Data Analysis - Multidimensional and Interactive Data Analysis for Corporate Management

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Big Data​

Entwicklung leistungsfähiger Datenhaltungssysteme für steigende Datenvolumina

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group - Datenexploration – Business Intelligence

Data Exploration

Creation multivariate, interactive data analyses

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group - Data Mining – Business Intelligence

Data Mining​

Implementation descriptive and predictive data analyses

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group - Scores Cluster – Business Intelligence

Scores & Cluster​

Implementation from customer value analyses

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group - Dashboard Dossiers – Business Intelligence

Dashboards & Dossiers​

Creation state-of-the-art reports and dashboards

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group - Mobile Nutzung – Business Intelligence

Mobile use

Location and time-independent provision of analyses

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group - Big Data – Business Intelligence

Big Data

Translations: Stationäre Geschäfte = Stationary shops, Weitere Datenquellen = Other data sources, Onlineshops = online shops, Kampagnen = Campaigns, Social Media Kanäle = social media channels, Mobile Apps = mobile apps

The rapidly and continuously increasing volume of data results in a mix of structured and unstructured data with complex relationships among each other. Not only is the amount of data available increasing, but also the number of users who use the potential of Big Data from a variety of data sources. It is essential to make these constantly growing data stocks consolidatable and usable by processing them with Big Data technologies.

With our methods and technologies for the collection, storage and analysis of complex data, we create transparency and an automated, innovative control of your company’s business processes. This is no longer about providing more and more storage. A conventional, relational database will quickly reach its limits with increasing data volumes and will cause increasingly high costs. We design analytical data management systems for you that enable you to manage and process information efficiently.

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group - Datenexploration – Business Intelligence

Data Exploration

Due to ever increasing data volumes with a multitude of relations, data quality problems can occur. The complexity of data sets makes it difficult to check individual data sets manually. This is where data exploration comes in: its task is to ensure data quality and make correlations in the data visible. Structures and patterns can be verified and deviations from target values can be identified in a short time. Intelligent tools of data exploration help in verification and quality assurance.

With our tools (e.g. MicroStrategy) we offer you multivariate, interactive data exploration. This opens up ways for you to understand your customers, their needs and buying habits (Customer Journey) and thus enables you to select the best target groups. We analyze your master and transaction data and visualize customer and action potentials as well as product affinities. You can use these to optimize your sales strategies and campaign management. The analysis results provide you with important information for controlling and for subsequent efficiency measurement of marketing measures.

Translations: Muster & Anomalien = Patterns & Anomalies, Stamm- & Transaktionsdaten = Master & transaction data, Explorative = Exploratory, Analysewerkzeuge = Analysis tools

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group - Data Mining – Business Intelligence

Data Mining

Translations: Kanal-Optimierung = Channel Optimization, Versandzeit-Optimierung = Shipping time optimization

With the help of data mining, decision-relevant information can be extracted from a large data stock, beyond data exploration. The AIC Group supports you in performing descriptive analyses and helps you to identify, for example, “outliers” in your data and to recognize important correlations. In doing so, we create for example association analyses or decision trees, which help you to better understand the buying and clicking behavior and thus the customer journey of your customers. With the help of the knowledge gained, weak points in existing processes can be identified and decisions of sales or marketing can be controlled in a targeted manner.

Predictive analyses are also becoming increasingly important in sales management. We have therefore developed a wide range of services for you, which help you, for example, to better assess the future purchasing behaviour of your customers or to determine the optimum channel and dispatch time for a planned mailing. With the help of our Customer Insights, you will be able to offer your products and services with foresight and in line with the needs of your customers.

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group - Scores Cluster – Business Intelligence

Scores & Cluster

Purchases made ? Turnover ? Other interactions ? length of stay ? Demographic data ? …

There is a lot of information at the customer that can be relevant for the calculation of a customer value or the assignment to a customer cluster.

But why are customer values and customer clusters needed at all? A beautiful discipline of customer analytics, where analytical insights and operational activities go hand in hand. Analyze which customers have migrated within the defined clusters – which customers have gone from stable and profitable customer relationships to occasional buyers? In operational terms, you address these “turning away” customers, for example, via reactivation strategies.

And for this challenge, too, we offer you appropriate solution approaches within the scope of our Customer Insights Services.

Translations: Beispiel: Bewertung des Kaufverhaltens = Example: Evaluation of buying behaviour, Letzter Kauf = Last purchase, Kauffrequenz = Purchase frequency, Umsatz = Sales, Kundenscore = Customer Score

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group - Dashboard Dossiers – Business Intelligence

Dashboards & Dossiers

Translations: Dimensions- Elemente = Dimension elements, Analysen = Analyses

Companies use reports and analyses as an instrument for managing day-to-day business and for strategic decisions. We create high-quality reports for you in proven and modern formats. All information is processed in real time from the data warehouse and made available on a wide variety of devices.

Flexible and fast access to your data enables you to carry out efficient and targeted analyses. The preparation of the analyses, in the form of dashboards or so-called dossiers, provides you with multidimensional views of your company at a glance. The drill-down functionality of our interactive, OLAP-supported application (MicroStrategy) enables a multi-layered analysis of the data down to the finest hierarchical levels.

In (MicroStrategy), combinations of previously defined dimensional elements, such as month or product category, are defined within the database. These can be retrieved with a simple mouse click. This allows business users in sales, marketing, purchasing, or controlling to generate any number of new operational and strategic analyses on their own, without any in-depth programming or SQL knowledge.

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group - Mobile Nutzung – Business Intelligence

Mobile use

The use of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets is becoming increasingly important for companies. Mobile access to Business Intelligence data should therefore be possible anywhere and at any time. On the one hand, to increase the flexibility and productivity of your employees, as they can work from any location (e.g. home office). On the other hand, to ensure the smooth running of business processes by enabling you to monitor important key figures on the move. The reporting solution from AIC Group (MicroStrategy) takes both aspects into account. It also allows you to share analytics with others while leveraging the existing security and deployment capabilities of the BI platform you use.

Mobile dashboards allow for the optimal presentation of your company data on mobile devices. The mapping of the analyses adapted to the functionality of the mobile devices leads to easier and faster use and thus to increased efficiency in the visualization of relevant operational results. The AIC Group develops Mobile Dashboards as a meaningful tool of your business intelligence, e.g. to provide sales representatives and key account managers with valuable information on site at the customer’s location.

Translations: Benutzerabhängige Sicherheits- & Bereitstellungsfunktionen = User-dependent security & Provisioning functions

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