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Our Marketing Automation Platform

In marketing automation, we offer our aisuite platform to relieve you of time-consuming processes and automate your dialogue marketing.

Campaign Management

Goal: Planning and implementation of multi-level, cross-channel campaigns. more…

Audience Building

Goal: Identification and selection of target customers relevant for marketing.​ more…

Offer Management

Goal: Generation and processing of channel independent response elements. more…

Performance Reporting

Goal: Survey, visualization
and evaluation of different


The pulse,

which gives us the beat.

In marketing automation, we offer you a platform to easily create multi-level and cross-channel campaigns and to fully automate them.

The AIC Group’s Marketing Automation Platform comprises a range of products that integrate the three areas of data and campaign management, as well as customer analytics, in a single, professional solution. Our aisuite is continuously developed to reflect current standards and market trends. It is available on-premises or as a service solution. This makes it flexible and even more adaptive – perfect for companies with a smaller customer base.

With aisuite, you can analyze your data down to the smallest detail. It selects the relevant data from your inventory, analyzes it with regard to campaign objectives, helps you design your campaigns and selects the right channels for addressing customers. You can react to current customer behavior while the data is being created. That is digital marketing.

Marketing Automation – efficient control and automation of dialogue marketing.

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Marketing Automation


Our focal points.

Translations: Outbound-Kampagnen = Outbound campaigns,
Inbound-Kampagnen = Inbound campaigns, Trigger-Kampagnen = Trigger campaigns,
Cross-Channel-Kampagnen = Cross-channel campaigns, Kampagnenplanung = Campaign planning,
Segmentierung = Segmentation, Response-Elemente = Response elements, Response-Verarbeitung =
Response processing, Closed-Loop-Verfahren = Closed-loop procedure, Vorgefertigte Schnittstellen =
Prefabricated interfaces, Standardreporting = Standard reporting, Individuelles Reporting = Customized reporting

We are here for you.

All from one source. ​

In the digital age, effective dialogue marketing means conducting complex marketing campaigns at short intervals and across all communication channels. The AIC Group’s marketing automation platform aisuite combines the necessary functionalities in a single, professional solution.

Perform integrated customer analyses to take into account historical and current customer behavior. Learn from the customer journeys of your customers and use this knowledge in planning and executing further campaigns. From a single, centralized location, you can design, coordinate, and execute all personalized interactions with your customers. This includes all outbound and inbound channels and includes not only classic channels such as mail and e-mail, but also online channels such as portals, websites and mobile apps.

In addition to the execution and analysis of marketing measures, you can also use aisuite to determine and control customer potential. In addition, you avoid addressing customers too often or twice and gain further efficiency through the fully automated processes – without any increase in personnel costs.



Your most important advantages.

Saving resources

through central & automated control

Sales increase

through optimized campaigns


through modular construction


through extensive reporting

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