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Our Marketing Automation Platform

In marketing automation, we offer our aisuite platform to relieve you of time-consuming processes and automate your dialogue marketing.

Campaign Management

Goal: Planning and implementation of multi-level, cross-channel campaigns. more…

Audience Building

Goal: Identification and selection of target customers relevant for marketing.​ more…

Offer Management

Goal: Generation and processing of channel independent response elements. more…

Performance Reporting

Goal: Survey, visualization
and evaluation of different


The pulse,

which gives us the beat.

In marketing automation, we offer you a platform to easily create multi-level and cross-channel campaigns and to fully automate them.

The AIC Group’s Marketing Automation Platform comprises a range of products that integrate the three areas of data and campaign management, as well as customer analytics, in a single, professional solution. Our aisuite is continuously developed to reflect current standards and market trends. It is available on-premises or as a service solution. This makes it flexible and even more adaptive – perfect for companies with a smaller customer base.

With aisuite, you can analyze your data down to the smallest detail. It selects the relevant data from your inventory, analyzes it with regard to campaign objectives, helps you design your campaigns and selects the right channels for addressing customers. You can react to current customer behavior while the data is being created. That is digital marketing.

Marketing Automation – efficient control and automation of dialogue marketing.

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In the digital age, effective dialogue marketing means conducting complex marketing campaigns at short intervals and across all communication channels. The AIC Group’s marketing automation platform aisuite combines the necessary functionalities in a single, professional solution.

Perform integrated customer analyses to take into account historical and current customer behavior. Learn from the customer journeys of your customers and use this knowledge in planning and executing further campaigns. From a single, centralized location, you can design, coordinate, and execute all personalized interactions with your customers. This includes all outbound and inbound channels and includes not only classic channels such as mail and e-mail, but also online channels such as portals, websites and mobile apps.

In addition to the execution and analysis of marketing measures, you can also use aisuite to determine and control customer potential. In addition, you avoid addressing customers too often or twice and gain further efficiency through the fully automated processes – without any increase in personnel costs.

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Our focal points.

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Translations: Outbound-Kampagnen = Outbound campaigns,
Inbound-Kampagnen = Inbound campaigns, Trigger-Kampagnen = Trigger campaigns,
Cross-Channel-Kampagnen = Cross-channel campaigns, Kampagnenplanung = Campaign planning,
Segmentierung = Segmentation, Response-Elemente = Response elements, Response-Verarbeitung =
Response processing, Closed-Loop-Verfahren = Closed-loop procedure, Vorgefertigte Schnittstellen =
Prefabricated interfaces, Standardreporting = Standard reporting, Individuelles Reporting = Customized reporting

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Campaign Management -Marketing Automation

Campaign Management.

Outbound campaigns

Anyone who wants to conduct effective, professional outbound marketing today must be able to carry out complex marketing campaigns in a targeted manner, at short intervals and using different communication channels. Use aisuite to select the desired target customers not only on the basis of sociographic, demographic and geographical factors, but also on the basis of observed customer journeys.

With aisuite, the AIC Group offers a modular, multi-channel-capable solution, with which simple and complex outbound campaigns can be individually tailored to customer segments and flexibly implemented. The aisuite modules cover all processes of campaign management, from target group analysis to campaign planning and execution to evaluation.

In doing so, aisuite serves all classic channels such as mail, e-mail and, via integrated interfaces, online channels such as WhatsApp and Push. In this way, the customer approach can be handled via one system on all channels.

Translations: Terminierung = Termination, Extraktionszeitpunkt = Time of extraction, Nachricht = Message, Autorisierte Kanäle = Authorized channels

Translations: Anmeldung = Registration, Anfrage = Request, Nachricht = Message, Autorisierte Kanäle = Authorized channels

Inbound campaigns

In addition to classic outbound campaigns, the inbound campaigns of AIC Group open up many new possibilities. Through the live connection of systems, you can react quickly to customer behavior and provide offers via online channels, such as portal or app.

A single, targeted offer can be decisive for a purchase or not. Using aisuite business rules, you can define which offers should be made to which customer and when. Such individual recommendations and offers can not only increase the value of your customer contact, but also the average revenue.

Via aisuite, you have access to your customer and response data, purchase history and – if required – social media usage. These form the basis for identifying the preferences of your customers. The more extensive this database is, the more precisely you can control offers and recommendations. An offer tailored to the preferences of your customers, at the right time, not only increases the probability that prospects will become customers, but also that the satisfaction of your existing customers will increase.

Trigger campaigns

While outbound and inbound campaigns are primarily used to ensure regular communication with the company’s own customer base, there are also situations in which a customer requires special care and needs to be provided with targeted information. For such situations, AIC Group’s aisuite offers so-called trigger campaigns. These are based on pre-defined events, such as a newsletter subscription or even a shopping cart cancellation. Event-controlled campaigns offer you the opportunity to address customer concerns in particularly intensive or critical phases of the customer journey.

A supposedly small tip at the right time can sometimes be decisive for the further development of a customer relationship. Often it is inconspicuous concerns, open questions or even concerns on the part of the customer that prevent them from continuing to contact you or making a purchase. Speeches off the beaten track can therefore not only deepen the customer relationship but also increase average sales.

Translations: Event-Eintritt = Event Admission, Nachricht = Message, Autorisierte Kanäle = Authorized channels

Translations: Nachrichten = News, Kanäle = Channels, Kontakt- & Responsedaten = Contact & Response Data, Zentraler Datenbestand = Central database

Cross-channel campaigns

Due to the ongoing digitalisation of all areas of life, the demands on campaign management are also changing. Thanks to the cross-channel capability of our campaigns, you can not only operate your channels independently, but also coordinate your actions across channels. This coordination creates synergies, ensures a consistent experience for your customers and increases the potential for conversions from prospects to customers.

With the AIC Group’s marketing automation platform aisuite, you have all data available in one central location. By eliminating distributed systems and data storage for the different communication channels, you avoid data silos. Customer, address and campaign information can be shared at any time and bundled into new measures.

Network your sales channels with each other and provide your customers with consistent, consistent information. Don’t waste any potential by viewing your channels in isolation. By centrally maintaining measures, offers and addresses, you can ensure the coherence of your customer contacts. This goes beyond contacts via mail, e-mail or portal and is also relevant when the customer visits a branch.

Campaign planning

Do you want to intensify the dialogue with your customers, but you lack the technical structures or specialists to realise your ideas? The AIC Group has many years of experience in dialogue marketing and can develop a comprehensive campaign plan with you, adapted to your needs. The following campaign types are examples of occasional and regular communication:


  • Multi-stage welcome campaign (registration)
  • Profile enrichment campaign (competitions)


  • Reaktivierungs-Kampagne (Kontakte ohne Reaktion)
  • Reactivation campaign (contacts without reaction)
  • Follow-up campaign (invitation, shopping cart cancellation, service center)


  • Relationship campaign (online by preference)
  • Recommendation campaign (behaviour-based)
  • Communication campaign (exclusive offers)

The AIC Group takes care of your dialogue marketing from customer selection to response management. Through up-to-date evaluations of completed or ongoing campaigns, we create a transparent picture of the progress, status and optimization of your campaign management.

Translations: „Willkommen! Kennst Du schon unsere App?“ = “Welcome! Have you seen our app?”, „Unsere App bietet dir folgende Vorteile…“ = “Our app gives you the following benefits…”, „Das könnte dich auch interessieren“ = “You might also be interested in this.”

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Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Audience Building -Marketing Automation

Audience Building.

Control segments

The aim of segmentation is to address and serve customers more effectively and efficiently and to treat them according to their needs and life cycle. The aisuite makes it transparent on the basis of which characteristics a customer is assigned to a particular segment.

Segmentation with aisuite enables you to formulate homogeneous groups from the entirety of (potential) customers. These groups show the same structures within the group, but the groups themselves show very different purchasing behavior.

You can define segments for outbound and inbound campaigns based on the collected master data and behavioral data (customer journeys). While the customer segments for outbound campaigns are calculated on a point-in-time basis, the calculation of inbound segments runs in real-time. Outbound segments are mainly used in print and e-mailings. Inbound segments are used especially in connection with online channels, such as portals or apps.

Translations: Zentraler Datenbestand = Central database, Selektionsregeln = Selection rules, Kundensegment = Customer segment

Translations: Zentraler Datenbestand = Central database, Weiterführende Analysen = Further analyses, Kundensegment = Customer segment

Special Segments

To segment your customers in a meaningful way, you need to understand them. Collect the information that customers leave with you during their life cycle. The most important characteristics usually come from sociodemographics, geography and customer behavior. In some cases it is advisable to build up special topics – when is the customer’s birthday, when does his contract expire, are there seasons in which he always shows the same conspicuous behaviour?

Before segmentation, consider which phases a customer can go through with you. These phases will have a decisive influence on the later segmentation. It may even be necessary and sensible not to include all customer groups in a segmentation, but to treat individual customer groups differently, such as new customers or VIP customers.

Use the value of your customers as a further control dimension. You can sort your current customers by value and define special offers. With the clustering services of AIC Group, for example, you can easily score your customers. This allows you to control advertising budgets in a targeted and cost-saving way in order to maximize campaign revenues.

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Coupon Management -Marketing Automation

Offer Management.


Coupons or even vouchers enable you to enter into a dialogue with the customer and make their response behaviour measurable. Offers are enriched with a unique advertising code. This in turn can be assigned to a campaign. The redeemed or not redeemed code allows you to draw conclusions about the customer’s interests, interaction times and other aspects. These findings can be used to measure success and derive future measures.

In order to be able to evaluate the response behaviour, it is necessary to allocate the codes to a customer. This is made possible by the response element. The response element is provided by aisuite. Its structure can be administered in the software. For example, a GTIN for POS control consisting of campaign, customer ID and check digit can be defined for an EAN code. The representation as a bar or QR code is defined depending on the recording options at the touchpoint. With the EAN code, all offer responses can be evaluated for each component of a campaign, e.g. target group, measure, offer, channel, etc.

Translations: Bestandteile? = Components?, Touchpoints? = Touchpoints?, Repräsentation? = Representation?

Translations: 1. Generierung = 1. generation, 2. Versand = 2. dispatch, 3. Einlösung = 3. redemption, 4. Rückführung = 4. repatriation


With the AIC Group’s marketing automation platform aisuite, communication can be controlled via various online channels. In handling the generation of coupons or vouchers, no distinction is made between online and offline campaigns. This makes it possible to spread the same offers over different channels. You can control these via postal mailings, e-mail campaigns and newsletters. Provide connected apps and portals with coupon or voucher-based offers!

The offer processing is stringent. This ensures that a comparison of the different channels is possible during response measurement. From an analytical point of view, you can therefore act both across campaigns and across channels and always use the same reports when evaluating individual measures. The result is a consistent, cross-touchpoint and therefore holistic view of the (response) behavior of the customers.

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Performance Reporting -Marketing Automation

Performance Reporting.

Grafik der AIC Group – Closed-Loop

Translations: Zielkunden = Target customers, Nachricht = Message, Autorisierte Kanäle = Authorized channels, Kundenreaktion = Customer reaction, Kontakt- & Responsedaten = Contact & Response Data, Zentraler Datenbestand = Central database, Performance Reporting = Performance reporting



Our closed-loop process.

Evaluate the success of your campaign management with customized reporting and carry out response analyses, income and cost accounting, migration statistics and customer-specific analyses. With aiuite from AIC Group, you can keep an eye on all your marketing activities, including their individual performance, identify particularly profitable measures and customers in such a way that current and future campaigns can be controlled in a targeted manner.

The closed loop is created by tracing the customer behaviour after receiving an offer. This not only allows you to evaluate in detail, but also to use the insights gained in this way to create optimised campaigns.

With the help of AIC Group’s closed-loop procedure, you have all your marketing data under one roof, because both the customer data and the contact history with customer behavior are in the central analysis database and can thus be used effectively for evaluation purposes.

Touchpoints & Interfaces

You can measure the behaviour of your customers at various touchpoints. However, the amount of data and granularity differs immensely in the offline/online world. The information that you can receive from your customers in your store is only a fraction of the “flood of data” that can be collected via your webshop. In the online world, the traditional requirement for the store system is to store as much data as possible. In the online world, it is a matter of skilful selection, consolidation and compliance with data protection regulations. Take up the challenge of using the response data of your customers from the POS system, the online shop or portal, the newsletter or the app for intelligent analyses.

The basis for holistic analyses is the processing of data from the operative systems into a dispositive system. Benefit from the ready-made interfaces that can receive response data from various sources and transfer it into the data structures of aisuite in a standardized way. As soon as the response data is available to Marketing Automation, it can be accessed in future mailings. Multi-stage customer journeys can thus be processed automatically, the closed loop is closed.

Translations: Stationäre Geschäfte = Stationary shops, Onlineshops = online shops, Mobile Apps = mobile apps, Social Media Kanäle = social media channels, Multi-Step- & Multi-Channel-Kampagnen = Multi-Step & Multi-Channel Campaigns

Translations: Zentraler Datenbestand = Central database, Kampagnendaten = Campaign data, Aufbereitung = Preparation, Bereitstellung = Provision

Standard reporting

In the course of performance reporting, the same questions must always be answered in order to evaluate the success of a campaign, such as How many customers were addressed and reached during the campaign? How many customers have responded to the campaign? The integrated standard reporting of aisuite enables you to answer exactly these recurring questions quickly and easily.

The standard reporting includes various reports that can be called up directly from aisuite and can be extended to include additional analyses if required. Each report provides a different view on the success of a campaign, such as the success per iteration, per channel and target group or even per offer played. The data on which the reports are based is processed quickly and completely automatically by aisuite and displayed in the reports in an updated form, allowing the progress of a campaign to be closely monitored and evaluated.

Customized reporting

Requirements that go beyond standard reporting can also be implemented in the form of individually prepared documents and dashboards. Furthermore, all data relevant for evaluation can be provided in so-called interactive scorecards. Thanks to intelligent caching, even complex evaluations can be carried out in a few seconds.

But even the best evaluations can only generate added value if they can be accessed and thus used easily and everywhere. With AIC Group’s (MicroStrategy) integrated reporting solution, you can view your analyses on all common media: Desktop, Web, mobile or tablet. This gives you access to your data and analyses anytime and anywhere.

Further information on the topic, starting with the structuring and preparation of the available data and ending with their provision, can be found in the “Business Intelligence” section. „Business Intelligence“.

Translations: Zentraler Datenbestand = Central database, Individuelle Auswahl = Individual selection, Berichtserstellung = Report preparation, Bereitstellung = Provision


Your most important advantages.

Saving resources

through central & automated control

Sales increase

through optimized campaigns


through modular construction


through extensive reporting

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