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Validation & testing of the created email templates


Display of templates in different formats and on different end devices

Health Check

Checking load times, embedded links and email clients

Test shipment

Test shipment of the created templates to selected recipients

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After designing, personalizing and customizing an email template, it is important to check the result again in detail before sending it. On the one hand, to check the correct arrangement of the individual contents. On the other hand, it is also important to check the individual settings made and their effect on the presentation of the content.

With the help of the preview function of our Content Creation Suite, you have the possibility to carry out the final check of the designed templates and to convince yourself of the correct display of the templates in the most diverse formats and especially on the most diverse mobile end devices.

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Health Check

E-mails are sent in the so-called “plain text” format, so that the image material is only loaded when an e-mail is opened. In addition to the general appearance and information content, the size of an e-mail is therefore also decisive for its success. The same applies to the correct display in the various e-mail clients as well as the functionality of the embedded links.

With the help of our Health Check, you can do both: on the one hand, calculate the size of an e-mail and check whether, among other things, the image material used is too large. On the other hand, you can also check whether the e-mail is displayed as desired in the various e-mail clients (e.g. Outlook) and whether all the CTA and image links used are resolved correctly and function properly.

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Test shipment

After checking the content and functional aspects of an e-mail template, only one thing is missing: the test dispatch to selected persons, such as colleagues or superiors. For this purpose, it is possible to use the integrated test dispatch of our Content Creation Suite. This also allows you to test the presentation of the e-mail templates for different groups of people or interests (e.g. presentation for men and/or women), i.e. any personalization and individualization that may have been carried out.

Emails that you send using the test functionality are marked accordingly so that they can be easily distinguished from productive mailings.

Free PDF of TwoPager for download.

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