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Data integration - design and implementation of flexible and high-performance data supply for your BI platform

Data quality

Development of automated cleanup and update processes

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Duplicate Management

Streamlining and consolidation of redundant data sets

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Address correction

Standardized connection of services for verification of postal addresses

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Enrichments by geocoordinates and distance calculations

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Data consolidation

Harmonization and consolidation of different data sources

Data quality











Freedom from redundancy

Today, companies have to cope with a growing flood of data that contains increasingly heterogeneous, highly variable information about customers, products and business processes.

The simultaneous maintenance and preparation of data in different IT systems is time-consuming and therefore inefficient. Many companies therefore use the data warehouse to store data and information in a structured way.

Data quality for a good data warehouse.

The primary requirement for a good data warehouse is the quality of the data. Insufficient quality data can impair business and operational decisions and lead to a loss of trust and image.

Depending on the requirements, one data basis may be sufficient for a certain application, but not for another. AIC Group ensures the suitability of data for different requirements by automated functions such as monitoring, data cleansing and updating when building and filling the data warehouse.

Methodical procedures for data interpretation such as Slowly Changing Dimensions Type 1 to Type 3 are part of our standard for implementation.

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Duplicate Management

Translations: Bereinigung & Konsolidierung des Kundenstamms = Adjustment & consolidation of the customer base

Special attention is paid to the so-called duplicate management when checking the data quality. A well-functioning duplicate management is an often underestimated but very important discipline in dialogue marketing. A customer base freed of duplicates saves money in shipping, but also ensures less displeasure among customers if they are not contacted several times with the same messages or offers.

The AIC Group offers a professional solution, which not only cleans up duplicates but also consolidates customer data. A functioning duplicate management is a prerequisite for a clean customer base, which in turn is the basis for campaign management:

  • Evaluations: Campaign analyses or customer values are falsified by customer duplicates.

  • target groups: Campaign reactions cannot be determined for customer duplicates on a consolidated basis.

  • Cost efficiency: Avoid duplicate responses and save unnecessary shipping, production and administrative costs.

  • Image-building: Multiple mailings of the same information to the same customer show deficits.

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Address correction

For a well-functioning campaign management, it is essential that the customer base is kept up-to-date with regard to the validity of the postal addresses used. For this purpose, the AIC Group uses proven services of Deutsche Post.

Standardized processes have been developed for Addressfactory and Premiumadress, through which the corrected addresses are prepared and automatically transferred to your customer base. Corrections are thus possible quickly and with little effort.

Addressfactory allows you to check your database at specific times, for example, in the run-up to a postal mailing. The Premiumadress service is not used selectively, but with each message sent by post. The marketing automation platform aisuite provides the mailing with individual codes. Thus, each return from the Premiumadress files can be assigned to a customer and mailing. For you, this means on the one hand correcting the address or marking it as “undeliverable”, and on the other hand cleansing the contact history and thus providing clean reporting.

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Translations: Dichteste Filiale = Closest branch, Flagship-Store = Flagship store, Neueröffnung = New opening, Modernisierung = Modernization

With the enrichment of your customer base with geo-coordinates and the distance calculations to branches or other relevant locations based on these coordinates, you have many possibilities of use in the operative and strategic-analytical area.

Establish a relationship between customer and store in your campaigns and thus influence the next store visit! Give the customer the address of your flagship store if it is located in the catchment area. Only advertise assortments that the customer can access in his or her closest store. Inform your customers in dialogue about changes in the branch network of the individual surrounding area, such as new openings or modernizations.

The geographical visualization of customer addresses and distances helps you make strategic decisions. You can see at a glance how many customers are assigned to individual stores based on distance and the average distance to each store. An important support for the decision to establish new branches.

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Data consolidation

Operative company data, which is processed in ERP, contract, accounting or merchandise management systems, for example, is used exclusively to control and monitor the operative business. Modern BI systems rely on integrated, multidimensional databases to obtain data that can be interpreted in a business management manner. Data from operative data sources is transferred into a data warehouse by means of ETL processes. In the ETL process, the original data from the various sources is first extracted, then transformed into the target format and loaded into the target database. During this process of harmonization and consolidation, you benefit from the AIC Group’s many years of BI expertise and the use of professional ETL software to implement the processes, such as Talend software.

When optimizing data warehouse environments, we ensure a reliable data supply. According to your specifications, we define criteria according to which your data should be provided. Highest quality within the ETL process is our top priority: we ensure profound data cleansing and develop clear semantics and ID assignment when transforming your data. A flexible and high-performance data supply is always guaranteed.

Translations: Datenquellen = Data sources, Validierung & Transformation = Validation & Transformation, Data Warehouse = data warehouse,  Zuverlässigkeit = Reliability, Verständlichkeit = Comprehensibility, Korrektheit = Correctness, Aktualität = Actuality, Vollständigkeit = Completeness, Eindeutigkeit = Clarity, Genauigkeit = Accuracy, Konsistenz = Consistency, Einheitlichkeit = Uniformity, Redundanzfreiheit = Freedom of redundancy

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