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Identification and selection of target customers relevant for marketing

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Control segments

Formulation of rule-based, homogeneous target groups

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Special segments

Formulation of topic-specific Target groups (e.g. via RFMR scoring)

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Regelsegmente - Marketing Automation

Control segments

The aim of segmentation is to address and serve customers more effectively and efficiently and to treat them according to their needs and life cycle. The aisuite makes it transparent on the basis of which characteristics a customer is assigned to a particular segment.

Segmentation with aisuite enables you to formulate homogeneous groups from the entirety of (potential) customers. These groups show the same structures within the group, but the groups themselves show very different purchasing behavior.

You can define segments for outbound and inbound campaigns based on the collected master data and behavioral data (customer journeys). While the customer segments for outbound campaigns are calculated on a point-in-time basis, the calculation of inbound segments runs in real-time. Outbound segments are mainly used in print and e-mailings. Inbound segments are used especially in connection with online channels, such as portals or apps.

Translations: Zentraler Datenbestand = Central database, Selektionsregeln = Selection rules, Kundensegment = Customer segment

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group – Spezialsegmente - Marketing Automation

Special segments

Translations: Zentraler Datenbestand = Central database, Weiterführende Analysen = Further analyses, Kundensegment = Customer segment

To segment your customers in a meaningful way, you need to understand them. Collect the information that customers leave with you during their life cycle. The most important characteristics usually come from sociodemographics, geography and customer behavior. In some cases it is advisable to build up special topics – when is the customer’s birthday, when does his contract expire, are there seasons in which he always shows the same conspicuous behaviour?

Before segmentation, consider which phases a customer can go through with you. These phases will have a decisive influence on the later segmentation. It may even be necessary and sensible not to include all customer groups in a segmentation, but to treat individual customer groups differently, such as new customers or VIP customers.

Use the value of your customers as a further control dimension. You can sort your current customers by value and define special offers. With the clustering services of AIC Group, for example, you can easily score your customers. This allows you to control advertising budgets in a targeted and cost-saving way in order to maximize campaign revenues.

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