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Development of a holistic and sustainable BI strategy.

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group - BI-Strategie – Business Intelligence

BI Strategy

Business Intelligence (BI) applications are an integral part of corporate management. However, the requirements for a holistic BI strategy are rarely fulfilled. Analytics solutions are often based on the requirements of different departments. These are taken up by your IT and built up along tactical decisions. Since this development is usually not coordinated, this leads to a confusing, heterogeneous and thus highly inefficient system and application landscape. As a result, the potential of analytics for decision support cannot be fully exploited in its entirety.

The variety of “isolated applications” also leads to a loss of data quality, which in turn results in erroneous reports, inconsistent results and ultimately massive problems for BI acceptance. At the same time, however, the complexity of information and processes in many industries is increasing. Large international companies, but also medium-sized enterprises, therefore need a functioning BI in order to remain controllable and competitive.

A BI strategy answers questions such as…

  • Which data should be used in the company for the various operational, tactical and strategic decisions as information to support decision-making?

  • Which reports and evaluations (standard reports, OLAP analyses, dashboards) are required and to what extent?

  • How often and at what times should this information be made available?

  • What does a suitable organizational set-up, tailored to your company, look like in order to optimally design, implement and operate BI?

  • How important is data quality for information recipients and how can trust in the data be ensured and maintained?

Translations: Steuerung- & Planungsprozesse = Control- & Planning processes, Daten- & System Architektur = Data & System Architecture, BI Rollen & BI Prozesse = BI roles & BI processes, Controlling-, Reporting-, Analytics-Produkte = Controlling, reporting and analytics products, BI Software-Portfolio = BI software- Portfolio,

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