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Develop a unified and consistent data model.

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Development of concrete optimization proposals for existing BI processes

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Development of comprehensive, interactive Views of existing data

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group - Konzeption – Business Intelligence


Translations: BI-Strategie = BI Strategy, Inftrastruktur = Infrastructure, Datenmodell = Data model, Datenintegration = Data integration, Datenanalyse = Data analysis, Priorisierung = Prioritisation

After the development of a BI strategy, its implementation – based on the current, company-specific conditions – must be designed. In the first step, we therefore first analyse the existing system environments, data content, data availability and data quality (usability) of the source systems. Subsequently, based on the results, possible optimisation proposals are developed with regard to infrastructure, data modelling (physical and logical), data integration and the analysis of your data (data usage).

A first and fundamental step in the conception phase is the development of a uniform and consistent data model. Our methods of data modeling for data warehousing ensure exactly this and allow you a comprehensive, interactive view of products, customers, regions and other information features. Our OLAP-supported solutions enable fast, complex queries, a variety of ways to display your data, as well as individual and trend analyses.

Produkt-Symbol der AIC Group - Modellierung – Business Intelligence


The AIC Group works with both Star and Snowflake schemes in data modelling. Both are complex, logical architecture systems in data modelling with variable query options for the data sets.

The relational data storage of facts and dimensions in OLAP systems provides you with any number of possible combinations of information. In the mass of data, key figures and properties are condensed at the highest hierarchical level and thus mapped as a multidimensional structure – as a star schema. The advantages of displaying data as a star schema are the simple, intuitive data model and the relatively low maintenance requirements of your data warehouse.

With the Snowflake schema, on the other hand, the dimension tables are displayed normalized. In contrast to the star schema, where the surrounding dimension tables are all directly linked to the fact table, the Snowflake schema has several levels. The data is therefore less redundant and better structured.

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